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Is that it's giant-house-spiders-come-indoors season now. I can safely say that is more arachnid than I am used to seeing outside of an aquarium. While I'm not actually afraid of most creepy crawlies, it did give me something of a moment.

Hang out under the bed, spider. Eat all the bugs, but please don't socialize. You're very fast and look hard to escort outside.

In other news, I'm still more productive than I was in Wisconsin, but it has been a Week in the chronic illness department. I will be very happy when it stops being randomly hot.
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Well, Internet, that's two actually pretty good days in a row. Still pretty tired-tastic and mildly sore, but it has kept to that and I have been able to both work and do other things. It's a miracle.

Today was my own work, which was pleasant and of course led to the freelancer's cry of "I will never have work again!" (I am in fact waiting for an approval mid-commission.) Hopefully I'll be back to paying work again tomorrow, but if not, I wouldn't mind starting color on that mermaid drawing.

Things are difficult, but they are not terrible. (Something I often have trouble wrapping my brain around.)
To bed with me, and perhaps tomorrow I will be more interesting!
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So, today I actually got my painting work done and it didn't take till it was time to go to bed. I should be doing other work in this time, but the relief of not having to keep slogging is enormous. We will see if I can bribe the executive function monster to let me do more than absolutely required.

In body news, I am not feeling horrible today! I hope that this decides to become a trend, because I have things to do. There's a winter coat to take apart for patterns, a murphy desk to build, bed risers to build, things to unpack, a desktop to set up, etc. This thing where I can only do like 1/3 of what I used to be able to is really getting in the way.

And sewing. Wow I really miss sewing.
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1. I am allowed to walk again and I got my cane in the mail. These things are pleasing.
2. It's been migraines and body aches all the way down for the past week.
3. M's interview went well and she's now officially doing backroom box hoisting at BigBoxStore, which is barely in city limits, so $15 minimum wage, hurrah.
4. I'm poking at some writing work again because it's faster, more quantifiable, and pays better than painting, though Time remains a factor cause I wanna do both.
5. Bonus square.
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Okayyy, so today was a challenge! 90 degree weather is no one's friend and I am currently real happy to live in a little hole in the ground. I actually did not feel as bad as I might have, though the roomies were both knocked pretty flat (they also get weather migraines, but they don't have meds for 'em).

I've just been a bit crazy and sort of wound, which isn't the best when you can't actually move around much. At one point I just went in a circle in the living room, before I scuttled back here cause it was too hot out there. This did, however, lead to productivity.

I managed to do a reasonably detailed sketch from scratch, including lots of reference gathering, and wrote a 325 word article that netted me $16. Got a real live standing-up shower, which did wipe me out but was possible. Moved a few boxes around for more floor space, took five whole steps without the walker, checked CL on M's behalf for jobs, tried to research fat-friendly PCPs and then gave up again, and did some impromptu career-planning with L. Now I am winding down, cause there's a plumber due at 8:30 am and that is not a time in which I am usually conscious.

Too late

Jun. 7th, 2017 11:17 am
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Well, I definitely missed posting yesterday. Also failed at doing any unicorn drawing, since I started losing my oomph around 7 pm and then a migraine hit. Didn't remember that either existed till about midnight or so.

In actual accomplishments: another job app in for Mere, flats done on my current commission plus some flailing at a background, and two whole posts to Instagram without choking. My family has turned up on there, which is a matter of some consternation. Thankfully it's a feed I already self-censor on pretty heavily. Just a reminder to keep some pseudonymous accounts, I guess! (I wonder from time to time if I ought to pseudonym this one again, but I think that might only be a matter for concern if regular posting continues.

As I've become a more chronically ouchy person, weather has become a greater concern for me, and that's part of why I've run away from the midwest. Nevertheless, today's high is 20 degrees more than tomorrow's. I am not yet feeling it in the head regions, but fibro wants me to know it is here. Also, it possibly wants me to sleep for a week. I am going to try not to let it, cause there is work to be done!

Today, hopefully: One or more unicorn busts, lights and shadows in on Mithras, a round of work-at-home job research. Who knows if I'll succeed?!
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Five things are meant to make a post, so here are five:

1. I am posting here because I need and intend to do necessary self-promo work for art on a daily basis. However, I also have social anxiety to the point that even posting to Twitter makes me do things like cry and hyperventilate a bit. Dreamwidth feels less like a fishbowl and more like a friendly void. I never had many followers and likely even fewer folks check in these days. This is practice.

2. Since I last posted here there have been many things, but one of the most relevant is probably developing chronic daily migraines in about fall 2015, and getting diagnosed with fibromyalgia Feb. 2017. It is nice to have some degree of treatment for the former, and for the latter to be an explanation for my increasingly frequent bouts of exhaustion and random pain over the years. Reader, I have been ill.

3. In an attempt to escape the weather-based components of the afore-mentioned illnesses, I moved Seattle-ward at the beginning of May. I spent 20 years in the midwest and I miss all of you. The west coast is weird and I am not entirely certain I believe in it yet. This may be improved when I can get out of the house.

4. Almost immediately after getting moved in, I stumbled walking down two tiny porch steps (not even mine) while looking for our mailbox (turns out to be hidden down a weird alleyway and attached to an entirely different building). I promptly broke my ankle. Thankfully, I'd signed up for Medicaid a couple days before. But I haven't been able to leave the house without great effort and significant assistance since then. My girlfriends were kind enough to build my bed for me, but I still can't unpack. So there's a whole summertime PNW out there, but I'm actually just in this basement right now. It's a nice basement, but somewhat full of frustration at the moment.

5. I live right next to the local community garden, and you bet I'm going to go out there and work when I'm finally allowed to walk again. It is so very pretty.
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Today I wrote around 12,000 words, because you don't fuck with deadlines, even when your brain is running out your ears.

Now I get mulled cider with rum in and a day off.
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Somehow it has become October without my consent. I am not entirely sure how this happened. This means that it is time to get out the Searing Blue Light of Functionality. Honestly, I should have had it out weeks ago, but it's been hectic.

Went to other doctors to try to manage my crazy. Left with Effexor prescription and without several vials of blood. The former was a very bad idea; let us simply say that Effexor is not for me, and that I am very happy to be able to stand up properly again and relax my muscles. If any of you guys do not have horrible issues with this med and happen to use the 75mg generic capsule, you should give me a poke. I will not be putting it in my body again.

Unfortunately, the person who gave it to me is not getting back in contact, which is very frustrating. I feel that she ought to at least be notified that I'm not on it anymore, and also I would like her to please suggest something else. I seem to have tremendously bad luck with brain meds.

In a fit of unnecessary optimism, I paid my entire estimated tax burden at once this year. Technically, I could wait until December to pay off a quarter of it, which is what I ought to have done. Now juggling work and bank transfers to make up for the foolishness of Past Grace.

Fat free diet has me literally dreaming about doughnuts and pizza, specifically about being surrounded by them at social gatherings and not being able to eat anything. That said, I have managed to find a reasonable number of tasty things over the course of the last month. I am just disappointed by being unable to butter them.

I also have two small new fuzzbutts around the house. The local humane shelter got 18! ratbabies in and I took home a pair of the most social boys. They are as yet unnamed but are Very Excited by everything.

Now back to writing cookbook introductions. This has been your "I don't want to work" interlude.
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Good Things:
- Going swimming after finishing up writing
- Girlfriend off work for a week because they don't want to give her 40 hours and she worked all of Summerfest
- 5 Guys veggie sandwich
- 2 large loads of laundry finished and off the line

Bad Things:
- The Fruitfly Invasion in my kitchen
- Losing a full day's work because the client doesn't like it and it'll be that much worse to revise
- Still covered in water weeds
- Laundry still needs hanging

Inappropriate Solutions:
- Eating too much snack food
- Playing video games instead of painting
- Repeatedly turning the rats upside down
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So I've been painting like crazy for the past few months, but I didn't have much to show for it. I've recently finished up a set of commissions for Galina Krasskova that I can finally show you. I'm going to be really lazy, however, and just link you to the tumblr post where I've already uploaded them. I promise they're shiny!
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Which is actually a lot better than it sounds, because it means that I got enough work done yesterday to feel content with taking today off to do nothing other than play video games and drink heavily sugared tea. Hopefully the minor plague will dissipate by tomorrow and I'll be able to do my regular Sunday tidy.

Till then, oolong and Path of Exile (which has some -weird- side effects under Wine).
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First off, here's the image I've been doing for the Prismatic Art Collection . Read more... ) Technically, I could have posted it at any time, since this client doesn't seem to do non-disclosure, but habit has had me sitting on it until it was all finalized.

In other news: Dear writing client. If I have not picked up your orders within 12 hours of your first post at 5 pm and within one hour of your second post at 8:30, it might be because I did my work, had dinner, drew some things and went to sleep. I am not a writing-site robot and you do not need to message me in a panic wondering if I don't like your topics. I shall enumerate the glories of the turkey fryer for you this afternoon.

But first I'm playing hooky and going to Panera, because it has actually been a rather long morning so far.
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Enabling me to at last make European/Australian/Asian/the rest of the damned world recipes and answer the question "just how big is 'one large potato'".

In other news, I get to figure out how to eat a prickly pear fruit and I am spending the evening making up for past Grace's failure to work. Curse you, past Grace.
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Finally got permission to display this one. Cover commission for a self-published fantasy novel:

This took about twice as long as it should. )
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It's supposed to be over 90 or close to 90 degrees out for the next week or two in Milwaukee. Girlfriend has new third shift job, at least in the short term. My apartment heats up in the afternoon/evening and I have a long slowdown then.

Sounds like a recipe for split sleeptimes to me, so for the next little while, I'm gonna be getting up shortly after dawn and attempting to take a long nap around 3 or 4. Worst case scenario, I'm tired a lot.

Oh, the experiments that working at home allows.
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It's like old LJ again. I present to you ukiyo-e fanart. (Not mine in any way)

In other news, today I am debating whether to write only the jobs I have on request from existing clients, then spend the rest of the day drawing, or to pull a full quota-day and draw tonight. The second would be more responsible, but bears the risk of being very tired. I could conceivably pull a half-day and draw in the second half, as well. Just have to watch that quota.

Either way, I'm probably spending the entirety of this weekend chained to the Wacom when I'm not doing anything else. One of these days, I will develop a reliable, efficient digital painting technique that doesn't require a jillion revisions.

Time to put on some clothes.
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Just got the tubes installed at my new place, at long farking last. I am exceedingly lucky that I was able to do some relatively high pay-per-word work over the break, and that I could do it via tiny laptop+USB drive+a lot of ferrying things back and forth to [profile] moments_away's place, but not having a connection made me feel horribly isolated. Having the Internet also helps me feel like this is actually an apartment, rather than some weird hotel room I'm temporarily staying in.

Minimal other news for the time being; my stuff's still all over, my bed is on the floor, and I need to build gobs of furniture. The rats also have a new house, since we recycled the old one rather than clean and move it (after 7 years, a Martin's 690 gets very unfortunate). I will post photos of the new apartment (which is considerably larger than a shoebox) whenever I actually have it together enough and when I can finally find my camera.

Now, to get through 9+ days of LJ back entries.
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I am allowing myself to take a half day today since last week's workstravaganza and a stressful relationship talk have me pretty well wiped. Tomorrow will involve kicking back into high gear, as I have a client who wants 15,000 words on just about every blood test there is. I am not even making myself do heavy cleaning or packing, something I feel guilty about, but at least a little recovery time is needed.

The weather has been schizophrenic, but it was very nice just before sunset, when [profile] moments_awayand I went for a walk down by the lake. The sky and the water were eerily pretty - a cross between a hyperrealistic video game and a Thomas Kinkade painting, complete with double translucency layer on top of the lake, huge bubble-gum pink fluffy-topped clouds and distant lighthouse. Saw a lot of red-breasted mergansers, with their darkwave hairstyles, as well as what might have been a baby one? It was roughly the same shape, but red and about the size of a squirrel. Also, I made and devoured an enormous smothered burrito.

I have reached that point in the workpocalypse where I actually have no idea what to do tonight if I'm not packing, cleaning or typing. It's a mystery.
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Whew. Just shy of a week of 10 hour days complete. One of them might have been 11 or 12 - counting is hard. But all my work is done, pending approval, and I'm well ahead of quota. I am also very tired, and am not allowed to spend much of tonight typing, drawing, sewing or playing video games, so as not to risk the wrath of the Hand Gods. As there is no rest for the moving, I will be spending the rest of the evening packing, doing dishes, cleaning the rat cage and generally trying to put the apartment back together for three days of showings. Gods, but I hate showings. They make me want to build a fort and repel all comers.

In good news, I get to be out of the house while people stare at my apartment tomorrow, because we are having a great bao-making. Fluffy steamed buns for all! ^_^;

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