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I got tired early last night and crashed by about 11, apparently doing a really poor job of closing the rat cage. About an hour later, I woke to the distinctive sound of a rodent trying to eat my bed. Midnight rat chase ended up scaring rat seriously, and I now have several really exciting holes in my hand (not really bleeding anymore, mostly just sore, etc, but the mess was impressive.) Eventually I got everything cleaned up and went back to sleep.

At 4:30 am, my girlfriend butt-dialed me. Twice.

Typing is an adventure today, but at least it's possible. Drawing is probably right out, unless I'm like Yuko from Johnny Wander and suddenly develop Secret Left Hand Powers.
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It's supposed to be over 90 or close to 90 degrees out for the next week or two in Milwaukee. Girlfriend has new third shift job, at least in the short term. My apartment heats up in the afternoon/evening and I have a long slowdown then.

Sounds like a recipe for split sleeptimes to me, so for the next little while, I'm gonna be getting up shortly after dawn and attempting to take a long nap around 3 or 4. Worst case scenario, I'm tired a lot.

Oh, the experiments that working at home allows.


Oct. 14th, 2011 11:00 am
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This has been a Week. On Saturday, some AT&T guys installing my upstairs neighbor's internet decided to unplug mine, despite the fact that it wasn't anywhere near hers (or so said the fellow who fixed mine yesterday). So, I spent five days in 1996, and was glad I'm enough of a cranky old lady that I'm not storing everything in the cloud. Movies on disk and real books improve things mightily. Time till I heard anything from AT&T? Four days. Then we had to convince my cranky apartment manager to come over and let the repairman into the basement, which he wouldn't do till the next morning.

Work was at [profile] samadi's place on Ethyl, my 9" EeePC. Ethyl is not really made for long-term typing, so I'm behind quota pretty much every day this week. At this point, I am just going to give up, pull another half day today, and try to work on fiction/drawing. Should be able to make up most of the quota that way, editors willing and all.

For the other thing is happening, which is that it's definitely fall and it's definitely getting dark at 6:30 and aaargh. I have become Sleep-Bot, she who does nothing but snooze. Didn't make it up till 10:30 this morning and I could happily go right back, were there not Rules against that sort of thing. Fall is not a thing of dread this year, which I suppose is nice, but it is a thing of extreme weariness, and being sleepy all the time is not fun for me, fun for other people, or making me very productive. Also, it's constant cold season, plus exciting feverishness.

Things I have managed to do: Pull 50 to 75% of quota every day this week, despite lack of lifestream internet. Watch a lot of William Hartnell-era Who. Nearly finish a kameez for [profile] moments_away. Go on several walks in the outside-sunshine-place. Take many naps and try not to be very sick. Do laundry, do a bunch of portrait heads for drawing practice. Drink more coffee than is my usual wont.

Theoretically I'm going to Kenosha on Saturday for a Donato lecture. I was going to be there for a two-day workshop, but not enough people signed up and it was canceled, which makes me sad. Going seems hard and not worth it, but I should do this anyway. October is too early to turn into a lump entirely.

And now, getting up, shower, breakfast, more writing, do stuff. Aaaaany minute now.
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I have finished the face. I will not stay up all night to do the earring and paint a turban, though I totally want to.

My body appears to have given me beginning RSI symptoms for a late thirtieth birthmas present. I would like to return them for something better, please. Routine stretches are the order of the day, because stabbing wrist pain is NOT okay.

Painting is fabulous. I will hate it shortly, but right now it is fabulous.

And now I sleep.
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Phrasing everything like a WoD book makes it better.
In other news the time change has caused me to be awake at 10 am two mornings in a row, and to feel generally less groggy. It appears that I must become more diurnal for wintertime. Perhaps this will help my flagging productivity.

Goodness knows it won't do a thing for my social life.

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