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Greetings! I am having imitation Indonesian food tonight - noodles and stirfried veggies with spicy peanut sauce, which I made a little too limey, I think. While boiled egg and peanut sauce are probably the Best Thing, I am willing to admit a place for crispy tofu. If I am clever, I will put some of this in my bento box for tomorrow instead of stuffing it all in my face tonight. I have been entirely too lax in reinitiating Project Lunchpack, and I eat more vegetables when I bother to bento.

In non-dinner news, today I went to the polls and civicked properly. There's a state Supreme Court race and a county commissioner race (Scott Walker's old job), and this is one of the few ways I can actually do anything. Plus, I am belligerent about voting.

Also visited the church store on the corner. Acquired some kitchen stuffs, including a new candy thermometer. Then to fabric store and resale store, where I acquired some lovely blue and purple quilting cotton for re-covering my comforter (a compromise between making one from scratch and trying to find one for sale that I didn't hate), some relatively good chocolate and some high end vanilla extract I would not otherwise have purchased. I'd say I wouldn't be able to afford it, but this is not strictly true. I can afford many things, largely by virtue of not buying very many of them. ^_^

I have been curiously low energy and depressed this evening, but am pressing onward regardless. The result is that I have 1. Feeling of Accomplishment, with which to combat the blargh. Not really sure why the blargh is here in the first place; it was fantastically sunny today. When I got back home, the afternoon sunbeams were coming in my windows and setting the room aglow. This brings me much glee.

Had a good tabletop game, followed by a good round of scrounging (heavy duty milk crate, working air conditioner for [profile] moments_away, miscellaneous shelvage) Sunday night. Weekends are getting hard on me - I've been staying up late, but I also don't like sleeping in anymore. I envy all the people I know who can get by on 6 or 7 hours of sleep and still feel ok.

I'm gonna go A. sew, B. make bento, C. put away my laundry, D. look up spice rack plans, and maybe E. put tulle all over my windows.

My spiderweb fabric shed in the dryer. All things are now glitter.
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New art, and it's even quasi-original! I actually started this one last April, or so says the stamp on the file. Art is here )

In other news, I'm doing pretty well for a February - I've been going out and doing things, the whole 9 yards. Mind you, they haven't been very important things. Depression still exists, but I'm not having trouble meeting work quota the way I was in January.

Not looking forward to impending dental appointment, haven't cleaned apartment properly in ages. Am looking forward to the possiblity that the warm weather tomorrow will melt my car out before I need to dig it out.

Off to make myself a sweet lassi and wish I had mangoes in the house.
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A few days ago, we found a walnut tree on a walk through the park. However, it was growing on the bank, so the walnuts had all fallen to the path below. Today, I went down there and gathered an ammo bag full. I'll probably go back again. Brown will now be an optional fabric color, as well. I still have last year's bottle of ink, because I haven't been using it much.

I also found out where the lower bike path goes, or at least part of the way. You can climb a stairway back up the bank at Ogden and Farwell. People seem to run up and down it a bit. I am not so good - just going up once at a steady walk had me panting and miserable at the top. This is a sign that I need to do it again, ideally daily, until I no longer want to die. The prospect of gathering walnut hulls on the way may help me manage. There's also a huge amount of catnip planted alongside the road. It makes me wish I had a kitty to drug.

In other news, I am going to enact Mandatory Drawing time. I realized the other day that I've come to spend more time sewing than I do working on art. Some of this is because sewing requires very little brainpower when I do it by hand. However, some of it is because I've developed a series of art related neuroses that prevent me from just sitting down and do it. To the point that right before I was going to draw today, I felt an unbelievably strong urge to scour the apartment top to bottom. The cat waxeth.

The combination of thinking anything I make has to be good and increased standards for "good" mean that I have art paralysis. Today: one Blind Guardian album, two pages of sketches, including one picture of my hand, one poorly drawn sparrow, a rat, and a conventionally attractive black guy. I seriously need to work on my anatomy, though. I really don't know how men's upper bodies go together, and I'm pretty sketchy on the legs, too.

Err...I'm not sure where I was going. Ah, well. Once I've recovered from walkies, we shall have dinner, and then perhaps sewing and comics again.
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Bar of accidentally purchased Zote (laundry soap) converted to liquid
Beige silk mordanted (alum)
Light yellow wool mordanted (also alum)
Fabric layouts for Griffin's Needle in October finished (white linen, mushroom linen, silk)
Many reference images for above collected
Cloth hose pattern created
1 pair electric grape wool flannel hose made and finished
Gored skirt pattern made
1880s bodice pattern revised
Revision tested (in progress)
Red twill and orange silk for winter skirts washed and shrunk

additional sewing and reenactment related maunderings )
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Went outside to toss some recycling and I came across four lovely pine cabinet doors. One is slightly cracked (not a problem - I have glue). One is slightly warped (more of a problem, but dealable). I see a chest in the making. I wonder if I have anything that'll turn into decent end pieces.

Anyone in Milwaukee who runs across more of these, or some other nice pieces of finished wood (not particle board) preferably blonde - please to let me know!
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I'm thinking about making a haori sort of thing. Some kind of big, lined, rectangular-construction robe that'll fit on top of everything, no matter what I'm wearing. Today I dyed some greyish purple flannel more of a light plum/dark mauve, and I was intending to use my remaining Dylon to turn some of my mushroom colored linen sage for the shell.
However, while looking for the linen, I found a bunch of black twill I hadn't remembered I had, as well as a maroon flat sheet. Hmm. Goth haori? On the way, I also dug up a miscellaneous bin, in which I'd packed my spare air mattress pump (wish I'd remembered that before buying a new one), a bunch of leather, some videos, pigeon wings, and winter clothing.

Apparently it takes me all of three months to completely forget I own winter clothing. It's like my birthday. My apartment is giving me presents! The Cruxshadows agree with me.

Now I must make chubby woman in haori sketches to figure out what will be used for what purpose. The black and red could also easily go into some more skirts, since my black ones are getting quite ragged and I could use a nice one. Or I could make a purple and green something else.

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