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Enabling me to at last make European/Australian/Asian/the rest of the damned world recipes and answer the question "just how big is 'one large potato'".

In other news, I get to figure out how to eat a prickly pear fruit and I am spending the evening making up for past Grace's failure to work. Curse you, past Grace.
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She'd better appreciate them:

Scrub sink
Old dough to flatbread
Zucchini chopped and cooked
Large batch falafel made for when Future Grace is too hot to cook
Iced coffee made, ditto
All remaining coffee beans ground (by hand, cause I'm silly like that)
Oven burner cleaned/repaired using only cellphone flashlight and a crochet hook (that sucked)
Blueberry muffins!
Excess yogurt in freezer
Plants repotted
Floors swept
Lingering bills paid

True, some of this activity has been cat-waxing. I'm in a frustrating stage on this commission and I donwanna.

Nevertheless, painting awaits.
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I am now less sick. I think.

I recently came into possession of (read: ordered from ebay) a new fountain pen. Specifically, a Hero 237-1 Accountant pen with a dinky lil nib. This is part of my quest to find a decent nondisposable pen that doesn't require me to have a bottle of ink and a flat surface on hand. Dip pens are lovely, but they take a fair amount of prep. The Hero thus far fits the bill: it holds ink well, doesn't blot, isn't scratchy, and makes lines almost as fine as my 01 microns. I'd like a finer line still, but it seems that XXXF nibs are a little tricky to find.

Today I got the ink for the pen, since one can't go sticking India ink into a fountain pen, especially not the shellac-based stuff I like. The ink also came with a decent dropper-fill fountain pen (as primitive as they get), which I also like well enough, and may use for regular writing. It was free, so it doesn't matter so much if I lose it. Here's what I did to test things out.

Burd! )
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Today I spent 6 hours or so finishing off the loft transformation. I used to sleep in a loft, but the area beneath it was dark and tended to clutter. So now I have a mini-loft (it still needs a stepstool to get into) with much storage space. It would have been shorter, but there was a radiator to deal with.

I am unsure it is completely finished, since there are a few more screws to go in (I used screws and pilot holes, instead of bolts - Carolyn, you were right - they do come out again if I predrill them instead of letting them self drill, and I pick the correct screwdriver. Also, the screws I was using before have a crappy hybrid phillips head that made the driver slip.)

I hurt in a whole lot of places now, but it's probably good for me. Accomplished the whole thing without use of power tools, which pleases me. I hate the noise, and my inexperience and lack of proper clamps and sawhorses makes it take about as long, even if I do have electricity. That much handwork means I now have much stronger wrists, and that tomorrow typing is going to be a pain in the ass. But go, little hand saw, and go...hmm. When I say "hand drill," people always think about these: but a brace and bit is like this: Does anyone know the proper name for this thing? Mine is very similar, though a little prettier. It sees a lot of use.

Bed is no longer a rope bed, because tightening the ropes at the new height would have been murder. It is now the world's ugliest 2x4 slat bed, but it seems to suffice. Even despite the fact that I misplanned twice over the course of making it and had to come up with exciting solutions/cut pieces shorter. The feel is more springy than the floor (where I slept the past two nights) and less springy than the rope bed, which was like sleeping in a giant hammock. I anticipate a weird sleepless night tonight, due to the fact that the light and temperature get all weird every time I change elevations, and the fact that I tend to end up convinced everything I build is going to collapse under me. This has never happened, though they are certainly ugly.

I'ma go die for a bit now, and maybe I'll feel good enough to work on my dishes and make lunch for tomorrow. Unfortunately, a big chunk of the work had to be done all at once, because once I put the center support in for the slats, I couldn't sleep on floor-mattress anymore. So I did maybe a little more work today than was a good idea. Wheee!
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The ones like: "How did I lose that much borax in an apartment this small?"

I need to make new laundry detergent, and it is clearly time to de-flotsom my living space.


Aug. 2nd, 2009 11:41 pm
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Today I made a skirt from start to finish - about four yards of eggplant linen, nearly a full circle. This was possible only by dint of using my machine on the long seams. I feel rather as though this is cheating, but on the other hand - skirt! Still 200+" of hemming, plus pleating, buttons and buttonholes, etc. Fingers are sore now. It's mostly for day to day use, but will made a decent underskirt for event wear as well. More skirts is always better, after all.

I've been doing too little, otherwise. Apartment is tornadoed and some tolerable art remains unfinished (I am still not at a point where I can like anything I make, but at least finishing it would be wise). Was doing okay, but someone important to me has recently been a bit of an ass in a way that remains unresolved, so that's pretty much torpedoed the productivity. Cryptic Grace is cryptic. I've been reading a lot of books, so as to pretend everything is ok.

Finished the Gormenghast trilogy tonight. I'd heretofore only ever read the first book. The second is equally impenetrable, and the third is outright surrealism, with minimal continuity (Titus is in it, and some things happen to him. The significance of these things is anybody's guess.) Also read Inventing the Victorians, which is lovely (telegraph spam!) and have been craving some of [ profile] barbara_hambly's older stuff (the Antryg stuff and the Sun Wolf books are both childhood favorites). Of course, I have exactly two books of this, and neither are in the same series. I used to have more, but a move ate them sometime along the way. There may need to be a bookstore trip.

The CSA has finally begun to get going, though it seems to be a bad year or a less generous farm. I remember being buried alive in green beans by this time last year, and the spoils just aren't as good, even if last Friday did yield a mighty borscht. Also, I need to give in and eat some more salad before the lettuce colonizes my refrigerator. Broke down a couple of weeks back and bought some regular yeast for days when I feel lazy or haven't planned properly. Bread in a mere two hours seems almost like cheating now.

Haven't managed to put the rest of the stripes on the Bumblebee Dress. I need to dig out the yellow linen again, and I'm not sure where I put it, or the remainder of my giant Ebay thread collection. There are far too many projects in progress! I've figured out how to get more wear out of my combat boots, as well. I wear them all crooked, and cutting them even again with my coping saw takes a long time, but it keeps me from turning my ankles.

Must make more things before the summer is out. Winter will turn me into a ball of useless once more, and I want to have gotten enough done before it comes. Argh!
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I am a disaster with a paring knife. It's only the fact that I make stock from the parings that saves the giant hunks of vegetables and fruits that stay attached to the skins. It also takes me forever, and the results are poor at best. So:
Some months ago, I purchased one of these things:
I was dubious, but today I actually gave it a try. Best thing ever. Peelings do tend to have a lot of apple attached, but my apples were old and soft, and that might be less with a fresher apple. It takes the peel off in a spiral, more or less completely, pops out the core, and chops up the apple for me. Six apples - about ten minutes, compared to the half hour or more it would have done before.

I'm gonna make more pie in the future. I can tell.

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