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Redyed my hair today for the first time since winter lowered its icy dome. Finally feeling a little bit more like myself again. It’s been brown all winter! I simply haven't been able to bring myself to put forth the effort until now.

Unfortunately, I also knocked the lenses out of my glasses and put them in backwards the first time. Didn’t work out what was wrong till I started getting a headache.
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Of all things, my hair looks really good today - fluffy rather than flat or flyaway, actually has some waves, and I have fairytale ends but amazingly almost no splits. Of all days to bless me, hair gods, why this one?

Not sure if it's the coconut oil, the black tea, or just luck, but it was a nice thing in the face of a very rainy day and a lot of clothes that fit funny.
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Don't panic, though! By "I cut my hair," I mean that I have two small sections right at the front that are now cut to about two inches below my chin. They're my antennae, and are part of my experiment to try to look a little less schoolmarm/ultraconservative than I usually do. If I were a thinner person, it might be easier to pull it off, but the effect of my hair pulled back flat isn't all that great. Since I hate modern haircuts, I have been dwelling on this for a while. Currently, it's a bit weird - i haven't had hair near my face for years.

Also bought several new shirts (Goodwill, yay) since I realized that whether I wanted to or not, I could not participate in Boobquake without getting out my garb. I didn't own a single piece of everyday wear cut below the collarbone. Pleasant discovery - wide V-necklines make my face look thinner. Who'dathunk? I was actually shopping for scoop-necks, but once again, I'm well out of step with fashion. Those seem to be extinct, crowded out by crewnecks and V-necks. The ones that did exist were attached to unfortunate ruffly things, which are a bad choice in Grace-world.

And I have a new tub of hair bleach, as well, and may renew my purple streak. Apparently I'm going through a femme phase? It's a bit weird, but not terribly unpleasant. This coincides with a bout of tearing my apartment apart to try to organize it. Go team estrogen, it seems.

...I don't have a happy or busy icon. Interesting.
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When I lean back in my computer chair, the slapping sound is my hair hitting the floor. Well, hello unexpected length.
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I could have been doing something useful last night and this morning. I could have been writing, fixing my pavilion, or sewing. Instead, I messed with my hair. Read more... )

Today I...

Dec. 30th, 2007 01:54 am
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Finished Nghi's skirt. Need to give it another run through the washer, as Tempest has strategically shed all his white fur onto it.
Dyed my hair pinkish red (needs more on the length, though, as it's not so bright as the top). This necessitated washing it the normal way, with lots of shampoo all the way down, to strip it. Even after the killer conditioner that comes with hair dye, my hair has neither been so flyway nor so dry and brittle feeling in months. How did I stand this? If it continues, I shall have to oil.
Made pumpkin bread
Burnt some miscellaneous nut and fruit bread
Watched anime

Now I am downswinging sharply. Stupid winter.
Brain, you'd best not keep me up tonight.
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But for now, all you get is facial hair.

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