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By which I mean I backed the Kickstarter for Ursula Vernon's Summer in Orcus (a thing I read half of when it was updating in serial format and then wandered off cause everything was on fire). It is supposed to arrive in October or so, which will be pleasant. By then the Grey Time will be coming upon us and I may need pleasant reading.

I am also enjoying a lower-pain evening - sitting up in my desk chair (still at a makeshift tv-tray desk), messing about with the apartment and everything! We are still in for another week of doom-heat, but not quite so bad, and hopefully things will eventually stop being on fire. For the moment, things don't suck and my brain isn't even trying to convince me that they do.


Oct. 20th, 2010 08:11 pm
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Creativity v. low for the past several days, probably in part due to lingering plague. Even the rats have it. Also quite depressed, which is in part early dark and in part misbehaving girl bits. Curse you, girl bits.

Wrote far more than quota today, so yay to monies. Have done a bit of work on a digital painting that wants to be by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, but won't be. Played a little Baldur's Gate, which I have never played before, but keep comparing it unfavorably to Arcanum. The engine is the same, but I can do so much less. This probably has something to do with the fact that one of these games is earlier.

Got feverish enough to lose my brain almost completely while running errands today. Was a bit like being tipsy, which I also don't want to try in a large store.

Have consumed spicy lecso sandwich, making beans and rice for tomorrow's lunch. Do not seem to have enough in me to make bread of late, however. The depression warning system is at store bread.

Rereading Ian McLeod's The Light Ages, which I highly recommend. Peak oil magic steampunk with a pretty solid knowledge of the Victorian. I have the sequel, as well, which I intend to devour later.

Rats are spherical. My little tsars (Ivan and Pyotr) enlarge themselves daily.

I really wish I could convince my brain that everything is fine and nothing is on fire.
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It's been ages since I did one of these. Basically, I got behind, and felt like I couldn't review any until I'd cleared the backlog, which just kept on growing. So, today I'm saying "screw the backlog" and also ignoring the general rule that these need to be "new" authors. Robin Hobb is new to me, though the books themselves have been around since the mid 90s. I read part of one once at the library on break, but never managed to finish the series.

without further ado )
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Cut for mood monitoring blither )

Still, it could be a heck of a lot worse, and I'm getting stuff done. Whee?

In other news, I reread Robin McKinley's Hero and the Sword tonight, and the suck fairies did not visit it while I was gone. This is good, because I loved that book when I was a kid.

Now, off to see what I can do with the Electric Sultan.
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Why is it that all used book stores seem to have the first two copies of the Hambly Antryg trilogy, but Dog Wizard is nowhere to be found? I also need to replace my lost copy of Louise Cooper's Initiate, which moving appears to have eaten. Perhaps there will be a Powell's order

I have three books about which I know nothing. This will hopefully be entertaining. If not, I'll ask downtown books to take them back and give me new ones.

The painting I'm working on right now turned into a paperback book cover. It'll be good for the portfolio, I suppose?
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One of the backlog. I'd do more, but my hands are being little bastards, so the others must wait. Read more... )
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Reviewing because I just read it, and I have something like a three book backlog on reviews. Argh. Clearly I need to do this right after I finish em.

Read more... )
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So, in light of last night's rambling book review, I think I'm going to make a template for future ones. If there's anything you think I ought to include as a header, please let me know.

[Edit - Because I've been asked: Yes, you may use and modify this on your own to your heart's content.]

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So, I'm embarking on a once a month habit of buying a book new from the store. It has to be a book I haven't read before, and it has to be a relatively new one. It is allowed to be a writer I already know I like, but new writers are okay, as well. We started out a little late for October by getting Rosemary and Rue at WindyCon. I haven't gotten around to reviewing that one, and probably ought to, since my last review was...vitriolic. But since I just finished reading the most recent one, Clockwork Heart, and it's fresh in my head, you'll get that instead. Do note that this is meandery and stream of consciousness, not a proper review.Read more... )


Aug. 2nd, 2009 11:41 pm
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Today I made a skirt from start to finish - about four yards of eggplant linen, nearly a full circle. This was possible only by dint of using my machine on the long seams. I feel rather as though this is cheating, but on the other hand - skirt! Still 200+" of hemming, plus pleating, buttons and buttonholes, etc. Fingers are sore now. It's mostly for day to day use, but will made a decent underskirt for event wear as well. More skirts is always better, after all.

I've been doing too little, otherwise. Apartment is tornadoed and some tolerable art remains unfinished (I am still not at a point where I can like anything I make, but at least finishing it would be wise). Was doing okay, but someone important to me has recently been a bit of an ass in a way that remains unresolved, so that's pretty much torpedoed the productivity. Cryptic Grace is cryptic. I've been reading a lot of books, so as to pretend everything is ok.

Finished the Gormenghast trilogy tonight. I'd heretofore only ever read the first book. The second is equally impenetrable, and the third is outright surrealism, with minimal continuity (Titus is in it, and some things happen to him. The significance of these things is anybody's guess.) Also read Inventing the Victorians, which is lovely (telegraph spam!) and have been craving some of [ profile] barbara_hambly's older stuff (the Antryg stuff and the Sun Wolf books are both childhood favorites). Of course, I have exactly two books of this, and neither are in the same series. I used to have more, but a move ate them sometime along the way. There may need to be a bookstore trip.

The CSA has finally begun to get going, though it seems to be a bad year or a less generous farm. I remember being buried alive in green beans by this time last year, and the spoils just aren't as good, even if last Friday did yield a mighty borscht. Also, I need to give in and eat some more salad before the lettuce colonizes my refrigerator. Broke down a couple of weeks back and bought some regular yeast for days when I feel lazy or haven't planned properly. Bread in a mere two hours seems almost like cheating now.

Haven't managed to put the rest of the stripes on the Bumblebee Dress. I need to dig out the yellow linen again, and I'm not sure where I put it, or the remainder of my giant Ebay thread collection. There are far too many projects in progress! I've figured out how to get more wear out of my combat boots, as well. I wear them all crooked, and cutting them even again with my coping saw takes a long time, but it keeps me from turning my ankles.

Must make more things before the summer is out. Winter will turn me into a ball of useless once more, and I want to have gotten enough done before it comes. Argh!

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