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Generalized pain level is pretty damned high today, so I write this in lieu of a real post.

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Because I had what appeared to be the very worst case of heartburn, for about 8 hours straight. Apparently the real issue was in fact gallstones. I don't have any kind of infection or anything, so they would like me to avoid fat in general until I can get surgery. As I am a freelancer, that's not going to be until the ACA insurance kicks in during January.

Till then, it's going to be a lot like all those ill-advised fat free diets during the 90s. This could be tricksy, because basically everything I eat is on the "no" list.

Currently: Groggy and wobbly, almost like I was in the ER till 5 am and then put on Vicoden. Interesting discovery of the night: Morphine makes me wobbly, but otherwise does not work on me. Will be working from bed today.
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Sick today, in that annoying way where you feel fine while you're sitting still doing absolutely nothing, but moving or trying to focus turn your body and brain to goo. I managed 1/3 of writing quota over the course of five and a half hours and decided that it was a lost cause. Future Grace will just have to make it up later. So instead I picked the seams out of a sheet for later repurposing, consumed primarily chips, cookies and tea, and played around in MyPaint.

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First off, here's the image I've been doing for the Prismatic Art Collection . Read more... ) Technically, I could have posted it at any time, since this client doesn't seem to do non-disclosure, but habit has had me sitting on it until it was all finalized.

In other news: Dear writing client. If I have not picked up your orders within 12 hours of your first post at 5 pm and within one hour of your second post at 8:30, it might be because I did my work, had dinner, drew some things and went to sleep. I am not a writing-site robot and you do not need to message me in a panic wondering if I don't like your topics. I shall enumerate the glories of the turkey fryer for you this afternoon.

But first I'm playing hooky and going to Panera, because it has actually been a rather long morning so far.

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