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Greetings! I am having imitation Indonesian food tonight - noodles and stirfried veggies with spicy peanut sauce, which I made a little too limey, I think. While boiled egg and peanut sauce are probably the Best Thing, I am willing to admit a place for crispy tofu. If I am clever, I will put some of this in my bento box for tomorrow instead of stuffing it all in my face tonight. I have been entirely too lax in reinitiating Project Lunchpack, and I eat more vegetables when I bother to bento.

In non-dinner news, today I went to the polls and civicked properly. There's a state Supreme Court race and a county commissioner race (Scott Walker's old job), and this is one of the few ways I can actually do anything. Plus, I am belligerent about voting.

Also visited the church store on the corner. Acquired some kitchen stuffs, including a new candy thermometer. Then to fabric store and resale store, where I acquired some lovely blue and purple quilting cotton for re-covering my comforter (a compromise between making one from scratch and trying to find one for sale that I didn't hate), some relatively good chocolate and some high end vanilla extract I would not otherwise have purchased. I'd say I wouldn't be able to afford it, but this is not strictly true. I can afford many things, largely by virtue of not buying very many of them. ^_^

I have been curiously low energy and depressed this evening, but am pressing onward regardless. The result is that I have 1. Feeling of Accomplishment, with which to combat the blargh. Not really sure why the blargh is here in the first place; it was fantastically sunny today. When I got back home, the afternoon sunbeams were coming in my windows and setting the room aglow. This brings me much glee.

Had a good tabletop game, followed by a good round of scrounging (heavy duty milk crate, working air conditioner for [profile] moments_away, miscellaneous shelvage) Sunday night. Weekends are getting hard on me - I've been staying up late, but I also don't like sleeping in anymore. I envy all the people I know who can get by on 6 or 7 hours of sleep and still feel ok.

I'm gonna go A. sew, B. make bento, C. put away my laundry, D. look up spice rack plans, and maybe E. put tulle all over my windows.

My spiderweb fabric shed in the dryer. All things are now glitter.

A bento

Dec. 1st, 2010 06:54 pm
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No guarantee that this'll be a regular thing again, but tonight's was at least moderately pretty (though not enough colors), and I knew where the camera was.

Once more, into the lunch )

20 days to sun-death.
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And where are those birds?

Well, in order, I've had a wedding to attend, a medical scare with [profile] samadi that involved the emergency room (she's all ok now; everything is fine), and a mild downswing. Art has fallen by the wayside for a bit, especially daily art. The birds aren't gone for good, but they may be a bit in returning. Perhaps not till after the new year - it'd be useful for that date to mean something (yes, I have a vendetta against the calendar).

Starting up bentos again, but too tired/unmotivated for pictures. I have tomato and egg, brown rice, and a really tasty half an apple tho.

Mood low, but still not all that bad. Victory for the light box?
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Still rearranging the apartment. Midway through a deep clean of the kitchen, which is very tiring. It's a long, very narrow space, and moving furniture, then cleaning behind it is a challenge. Also, where on earth did I get this much plastic stuff? Need to find a way to rearrange this space so that I can get to things more easily, and so that I don't spill stuff as often. This would be easier if I didn't keep the ingredients for several different cuisines on hand. If I had a spice rack, it'd be huge.

Found a new desk/drawing table thing that will be very nice after a few modifications, and which will likely replace my current table. I will miss the table very much, but it's just too big for the space. (Anyone who's willing to come pick it up may have it - it's an all-wood drop leaf that's about 30" high and 28x42 when the leaves are down. One leaf does not work and the finish is functional, but not pretty after having been an art table. but if you take it away, it's free.)

It is properly summer here after a faltering spring, but at least we get one in Wisconsin. Illinois has blink-and-miss-it springs. I still don't like being hot.

It's bento-o-clock )
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I've got a huge art post to upload in a minute, but I'm going to put this up separately so it's easier for me to find later. Today, I bastardize Indonesian food! Read more... )
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Went down to Mitsuwa today - it's somewhere between a tiny mall and a department store. It turns out I was able to eat at the food court, though options were limited. I had a very filling box of tempura from the boxed-food stand.

The bookstore was lovely and made me very aquisitive, but I couldn't read a word, so mostly I just fondled the books. The grocery section turned up more useful things. Asian candy roulette was played, and thankfully there were no losers, though I will say that green tea caramel is an Experience. Also found a thing with red bean in it that I liked, amazingly enough. Either I'm getting used to it, or that was much better red bean than I usually have. I have acquired an assortment of small useful kitchen gadgets. I <3 kitchen gadgets.

one of them was a new bento box )
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Tomorrow I'm going on a food-touristy trip to Mitsuwa in Chicago. I've packed a lunch because, while there are many things I'd like to get there, I am not so good with much Japanese restaurant food. Being a vegetarian who doesn't even like fish rather cramps my options, and I don't want to be a sad, left out kitty. So, here is my utterly un-Japanese lunch.Read more... )
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Now that the bed is up and my hands are recovering, I'm slowly freeing my apartment from the jungle of things that pile up when you're rearranging. Most of the boxes are now under the bed, and I've hung curtains, though I'm having a girly moment and spending a lot of my time fussing with them.

Bento for tomorrow Read more... )
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How long will I keep doing this? Until I get bored!Here is my bento. )
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And I have a new bento box )

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