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1. I am allowed to walk again and I got my cane in the mail. These things are pleasing.
2. It's been migraines and body aches all the way down for the past week.
3. M's interview went well and she's now officially doing backroom box hoisting at BigBoxStore, which is barely in city limits, so $15 minimum wage, hurrah.
4. I'm poking at some writing work again because it's faster, more quantifiable, and pays better than painting, though Time remains a factor cause I wanna do both.
5. Bonus square.
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Okayyy, so today was a challenge! 90 degree weather is no one's friend and I am currently real happy to live in a little hole in the ground. I actually did not feel as bad as I might have, though the roomies were both knocked pretty flat (they also get weather migraines, but they don't have meds for 'em).

I've just been a bit crazy and sort of wound, which isn't the best when you can't actually move around much. At one point I just went in a circle in the living room, before I scuttled back here cause it was too hot out there. This did, however, lead to productivity.

I managed to do a reasonably detailed sketch from scratch, including lots of reference gathering, and wrote a 325 word article that netted me $16. Got a real live standing-up shower, which did wipe me out but was possible. Moved a few boxes around for more floor space, took five whole steps without the walker, checked CL on M's behalf for jobs, tried to research fat-friendly PCPs and then gave up again, and did some impromptu career-planning with L. Now I am winding down, cause there's a plumber due at 8:30 am and that is not a time in which I am usually conscious.
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Om, nom, nom.

In other news, still having trouble with standard job (it's them, and it's also me), but defeated the fiction monster and finished round one of testing for new gig.

This blog is full of fantastic old ladies.

I will reply to all your comments soon, I promise. It's been something of a week.
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What a difference the light makes. I woke up late to sunlight streaming in my window, and I have energy to Do Things. I have two applications out to new writing gigs, one of them even reasonably prestigious. I may have solved one of my fiction writing problems and expect to experiment with it this afternoon.

Things learned:
- I hate cover letters
- After 15 years, my resume actually looks pretty darned good - even in chronological format. This is startling.

Sun is delicious, one-eyed jacks are delicious. Rats are not delicious, but they are adorable and playing on my bed. I have hopes for a good day.


Oct. 20th, 2010 08:11 pm
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Creativity v. low for the past several days, probably in part due to lingering plague. Even the rats have it. Also quite depressed, which is in part early dark and in part misbehaving girl bits. Curse you, girl bits.

Wrote far more than quota today, so yay to monies. Have done a bit of work on a digital painting that wants to be by Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, but won't be. Played a little Baldur's Gate, which I have never played before, but keep comparing it unfavorably to Arcanum. The engine is the same, but I can do so much less. This probably has something to do with the fact that one of these games is earlier.

Got feverish enough to lose my brain almost completely while running errands today. Was a bit like being tipsy, which I also don't want to try in a large store.

Have consumed spicy lecso sandwich, making beans and rice for tomorrow's lunch. Do not seem to have enough in me to make bread of late, however. The depression warning system is at store bread.

Rereading Ian McLeod's The Light Ages, which I highly recommend. Peak oil magic steampunk with a pretty solid knowledge of the Victorian. I have the sequel, as well, which I intend to devour later.

Rats are spherical. My little tsars (Ivan and Pyotr) enlarge themselves daily.

I really wish I could convince my brain that everything is fine and nothing is on fire.
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Words written today: 1911
Total words: 2656
Sustenance: French toast from homemade bread, gratuitous amounts of pseudo-chai with condensed milk/homemade soymilk, spicy fried Spanish rice with feta, egg, mushroom and cheese sandwich. Forgot to eat supper.
Rats sharing lunch: 1x large brown
Research: 18th century servantry, forms of address for English nobility, 18th century chocolate pots, jumps vs stays, origins of the word "passel" (not period, it turns out), secretary desks, men's morning dress
Mean things: not knowing how to do your job
Inking status: Approx 1/3 done with cross hatching. Existing in terror, cause I could mess it up at any time.
Laundry: 2x loads done and in the closet. Floor swept, too.
Depression: Came back when the sun went down, came back with a vengeance around 9 pm
Light: 1/2 hour lightbox, reasonably bright sky, another half hour lightbox around sunset.
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Because it amuses me when [personal profile] matociquala does it:

Words written today: 1555 so far
Total words: 2301
Sustenance: French toast from homemade bread, gratuitous amounts of pseudo-chai with condensed milk/homemade soymilk, spicy fried Spanish rice with feta
Rats sharing lunch: 1x large brown
Research: 18th century servantry, forms of address for English nobility, 18th century chocolate pots, jumps vs stays, origins of the word "passel" (not period, it turns out)
Mean things: Inquisitorial housekeepers
Inking status: Second pass on hunting horror complete, beginning cross-hatching, how the fuck does moonlight work, anyhow?
Laundry: Yes, I am a good kitty. 2x loads in dryer.
Depression: Significant upon awakening, now suppressed to a dull background moan.
Light: 1/2 hour lightbox, reasonably bright sky.

In other news: I am cold. One of the benefits of this apartment is that the building is very old and all the heat comes from a central furnace through steam radiators. The antiquated system means that the landlord has to pay for the heat. The downside of this is that the landlord controlls the thermostat, and there are always a few chilly days in fall and spring when it's not quite cold enough to trip the furnace (in the middle of the building) on, but is cold enough that I'm running about in stockings and a flannel-lined haori. Bright side: it is not yet so cold that I have to break out the orphan gloves.

Here is what the hunting horror looked like before I started inking it. It is very large and I am lazy, so you will have to wait for a new scan. Read more... )


Nov. 25th, 2008 02:38 pm
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Been quite busy, what with assisting a friend whose landlord chose not to pay her mortgage in looking for a place, then having visitors. My apartment is in dire need of a cleaning, since I had to skip last week. But, before that, I have to get Work done, so that I can pay for the apartment in the first place.

Of course, I started out this morning with bad dreams, a sore back, and a mild case of depression (it is late November, after all). Since I've been listless and slow, I decided to do a few situps, because something needed to fill the time. And then, despite my terrible physical condition, there were endorphins. Situps - good for more than just misery - who knew? I may, weirdly enough, be exercising to get through today.

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