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Mostly because I have been figuratively working my butt off. Literally, it remains stubbornly present. But I am having a very good day.

It is pleasant out, if grey, I worked 14 hours yesterday to finish up a piece that I don't hate, and my weight is at the lower end of its current range. I -am- running on about 6 hours of sleep, but even that doesn't suck too much. Also, my girlfriend has been in a consistently good mood for several days running, something we do not take for granted in depression-land.

I have bought myself around a day of not feeling too terribly guilty if I'm not painting constantly, at least. I will actually show you the art eventually, but one of the things about commissions is that usually you can't put them up right away.

My body composition seems to be slowly rearranging itself towards an end result of looking like a Phil Foglio character, which is weird as hell. This does mean that none of my clothes fit and I get to spend the rest of the weekend sewing, but that is not so bad. Also, my tiny garden is doing well.

Today I am happy and I actually remembered to write it down - hurrah!

How're you guys?
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So, a while back, I got a G+ account, since it seems like a somewhat more tolerable alternative to Facebook, hideous real name policy aside. I have made two posts. Today, I made my first comment not on my immediate stream. It seems I find the interface intimidating and scary. While LJ, Dreamwidth, and to a certain extent Tumblr (which I'm still not sure about) give me the lonely but secure feeling of talking into a darkened room, Google+ feels more like having my notes confiscated and read in front of the class. Of course, I've wondered about just starting a standalone blog on my website; it's the most stable and under my control. I wouldn't have to worry about the service eating it as much. But getting readers that way is most difficult - even harder than on the fading skeleton that is LJ. So, for now, I suppose I will try to learn to use these foreign devices.

In other news, writing is going reasonably well, art is better than it has been in months, and I'm even sewing a little. [profile] moments_away found me an air conditioner on the lawn in front of my apartment, one better than I've been using. I am reminded of why I like living downtown. Our informal stuff recycling process is wonderful. The meat is still dropping weight (a term I use loosely, since the scale numbers are going down, but I'm not convinced anything real is happening) at an alarming rate. I fret over this, not because I am concerned about my health (numbers are still in the acceptable range), but because I feel like it's a trick and I am unwilling to trust it.

Made another pot of potato soup for the rest of the week last night. Also boiled up a new vat of laundry soap. My apartment still smells gently of citronella. There is little else of interest; I am thinking about buying a drafting table, but feeling guilty about it. I await a new shipment of bras with more eagerness than underwear should elicit. I have lost almost all my desire to bake.

Two to three more work units left to mine for week, unpleasant dentistry come Monday, and a trip to Waukegan tomorrow. Here's hoping you all have a good weekend!
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Started out today by sleeping many, many hours, then doing a half day. The rest of the day was -supposed- to be full of art, but the body wasn't having any of it. To assuage the guilt gods, I have instead cashed my c[profile] whymcheck, gotten laundry money, preshrunk some linen, paid my power bill, paid my advance taxes through September, transferred rent money, activated my Panera card and drawn up a set of instructions for making a drawstring bag. It is supposed to storm soon, so perhaps that will activate the drawing fingers.

Health nonsense, 5 weeks post IUD removal )

In other news, there's the Bristol Steampunk thing this weekend, but I don't know that I want to go. I like chances to dress up and I'd love to see people, but little attracts me to a ren faire, and the people I want to take feel more or less the same way. [profile] whymc: would you like to meet a gaggle of us either in kenosha or waukegan (we have to talk to [profile] ladydrake first) sometime that Saturday? Cause I think we're probably going to go to the Bizarre Bazaar up here, and then either visit down there or go to a burlesque show.

Worked on my green skirt this weekend and watched Pom Poko this weekend, and would just like to say: what the hell, Japan? The happy? ending for one group of characters actually goes something like : "and then they sailed into the sunset on a golden ship made of testicles." Also, one of the most emotionally uneven anime I've ever seen. Also watched some first season B5, as part of [profile] moments_away's indoctrination and Meet the Robinsons. Re-blued my hair, and most things in the general vicinity.
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Our heroine gets access to LiveJournal back. Just when I've actually started wanting to post again, the hackers thwart me.

Finished all my art last week; I'll get to show it to you come GenCon, when the pdf gets released. I'm pretty pleased with how things came out - lots of nice Victorian-style cross hatching and some definite objective improvement. Now I need to finish my day's writing quota. Donwanna. Wanna sew wrap pants. Wanna play item shop simulator/watch anime/draw more things.

But before that, food. Lack of appetite is getting ridiculous from the standpoint of someone who has always loved food. I added things up, and I've eaten about 1300 cal today by a generous estimate. I usually do between 2000 and 2500. Longstanding food crazy tells me that if I can come up with a way to avoid eating, I should do it, but that voice is stupid and will wreck my metabolism worse than random teenage fasting did. So, let's try to make sure we get 1500 to 1800 in before the day closes out, shall we, meat?

In other news, 2 quarts of black raspberries/mulberries, a lot of sugar, and the juice and peel of one lime turns into a pretty decent jam if you hit it with the stick blender and cook it down a bit. Apparently I can batch cook just fine; I just don't want to actually eat anything.

Onward, to Oblivion!
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So! I've had myself a longish weekend. Went down to Waukegan to visit [profile] ladydrake and go to a costumed showing of Labyrinth on Friday. I have photos, but am lazy at the moment and not posting them. Also having some appearance issues, as sometimes happens with pictures. I will get over them eventually.

As my little purple corset has been on its way out for a while, I am making a new, more properly constructed one from its corpse. Coutil strength layer and steel boning this time, instead of misc sport solid and cable ties. On the plus side, that underbust has lasted me roughly 3 years. Making this one a little taller to see if it'll fight with my bra a little less.

For my own reference:
Have been depressed for the past several days, probably for most of the last week, judging by my groceries situation and the number of dirty dishes in the sink. Momentum very low, though not in a lot of emotional pain. Condition of apartment makes me want to set it on fire and start over. Eventually I'll get enough momentum to clean it properly.

2 weeks to the equinox. Also just about 2 weeks till the time change, which I hate. It doesn't matter which way it goes - time change always makes me really weird. At least I'm getting more evening sun this time.

Time to get moving.
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A bit ago, I started charting calorie intake again, because I'd spontaneously gained weight. Turned out to be hormonal (net loss in under a week - 6.5 lbs as of this morning), but I'm continuing for curiosity's sake. Today I accidentally ate only about 1250 before 9 pm, which is not a good thing. My body already goes into starvation mode easily, and its basic drive seems to be to add more fat around the pelvis to insulate the precious uterus.

The solution - giant veganish* cinnamon cookie. If I eat half of it, I get to about 1550. If I eat all of it, I get to 1850. Both a little low, but less starvationy. I love problems that get solved with cookies.

*it's hard to make even a giant cookie using eggs, because subdividing eggs is a pain. So, flax. There's a little butter in this, though.
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Well, it looks like fall's hit, for better or for worse - even if it gets to be 80 again shortly, my eyes have started telling me that the light is fading too quick and starting too late. I'm waking up at ten instead of nine because the lighting in my apartment has changed, and it's full dark by a little after 7:30.

For the past two days, I've woken up in minor despair, with the desire to keep on sleeping, and it's been difficult to get myself going. I've been down and somewhat angry since the last week of July, which is completely situational. This is new and different.

This is annoying. It's only September. That's supposed to be summer's last gasp, and here I am having to winterize myself.

Winterizing is this year's new concept. Rather than simply dreading the dark coldness, I shall attempt to create conditions and expectations that will result in the least misery. This weekend, I'll be buying ultra bright, white CFLs for my ceiling lights, and possibly a lamp timer that'll turn on the light at 9 am to get me out of bed without making me hyperventilate (which alarms now do).

Going to lower expectations on what to get done and how much advancement I'm going to be able to manage for various skills. The goal is to maintain something similar to my current quality of life this winter. It probably won't quite stay up that well, but there shall be Rules.

To steal a term from Elizabeth Bear, I shall be going on the Discipline. She uses it to refer to eating such that her body wants to make muscle and not fat. I'm using it more as a set of rules that will make sure I am a functional, reasonable human being.

Winterizing and the Discipline detailed here for my own reference, but probably not of interest to most )

In other news, I made toffee last night. It is really, really good, and now I don't want to buy Werthers anymore. I must, however, do something about the fact that it cools with many tiny bubbles in it. If you are avoiding chewing the toffee for the sake of your teeth, they're murder on the tongue.

With this written, I'm going to head off and get my first article started, in order to have at least one done before noon. Then breakfast and cleaning.

Stupid winter.


Jan. 25th, 2008 10:31 pm
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Angela and I have been talking about doing more Science! around the house. She's mixing more glazes in the future, mostlike, and I'm getting into egg tempera and a little natural dyeing again (the two go well together, since madder dye is the first step to getting a good madder lake pigment). What's the difference between Science! and science? Less exact measuring, for one. Glaze chemistry is more like alchemy, really.

Don't worry - we have rubber gloves, chemical respirator available (should get one of my own soon) and a good knowledge of what doesn't go near food.

Did you know that you can make copper carbonate out of root killer and washing soda? I didn't until recently, and now I must try it. The world needs more blue-green powder.

Currently, I'm turning fifty feet of nylon rope orangey-yellowy-brown with onions.

Downside to my small weight loss: my back support corset doesn't. Since my back has been killing me, this is a problem. I took it in a bit in the back, which is helping, but I could stand to lace down another inch across the shoulders. There's still not enough bust room in this one, though, making it a prime candidate for becoming an underbust soon. On the plus side, current corseted waist: 37" without strain. I could probably reduce another two before it got awkward.

That's right, I was meant to be packing.

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