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Is that it's giant-house-spiders-come-indoors season now. I can safely say that is more arachnid than I am used to seeing outside of an aquarium. While I'm not actually afraid of most creepy crawlies, it did give me something of a moment.

Hang out under the bed, spider. Eat all the bugs, but please don't socialize. You're very fast and look hard to escort outside.

In other news, I'm still more productive than I was in Wisconsin, but it has been a Week in the chronic illness department. I will be very happy when it stops being randomly hot.
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Okayyy, so today was a challenge! 90 degree weather is no one's friend and I am currently real happy to live in a little hole in the ground. I actually did not feel as bad as I might have, though the roomies were both knocked pretty flat (they also get weather migraines, but they don't have meds for 'em).

I've just been a bit crazy and sort of wound, which isn't the best when you can't actually move around much. At one point I just went in a circle in the living room, before I scuttled back here cause it was too hot out there. This did, however, lead to productivity.

I managed to do a reasonably detailed sketch from scratch, including lots of reference gathering, and wrote a 325 word article that netted me $16. Got a real live standing-up shower, which did wipe me out but was possible. Moved a few boxes around for more floor space, took five whole steps without the walker, checked CL on M's behalf for jobs, tried to research fat-friendly PCPs and then gave up again, and did some impromptu career-planning with L. Now I am winding down, cause there's a plumber due at 8:30 am and that is not a time in which I am usually conscious.
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It's supposed to be over 90 or close to 90 degrees out for the next week or two in Milwaukee. Girlfriend has new third shift job, at least in the short term. My apartment heats up in the afternoon/evening and I have a long slowdown then.

Sounds like a recipe for split sleeptimes to me, so for the next little while, I'm gonna be getting up shortly after dawn and attempting to take a long nap around 3 or 4. Worst case scenario, I'm tired a lot.

Oh, the experiments that working at home allows.
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1. Do not poke the Tsar just after you've had a shower. Petya-rat thinks that my shampoo smells delicious and I keep forgetting this.
2. I am very glad that I moved, but over the past few days I have become distinctly aware that I actually don't like having a 1br - I prefer a one-room apartment. I will be keeping my current nest because it is lovely, other than that one wall there, and because rents spiked right after I secured this space, so I'm not letting go of this lease anytime soon. Studio lofts, after all, are for people with money who would like to pretend to be artists, rather than actual artists. I do not know how this one-room preference affects my long-standing house desire.
3. Proof that the temperature seriously affects my mood has once again been secured. I feel a million times better today, and my poor laboring AC (sized for a 250 square foot efficiency) is managing to keep it below 80. Suddenly, I'm less depressed and want to do everything!
4. You can live on lecso sandwiches for at least 3-4 days straight.
5. I get to pick black raspberries this weekend! They are ever so superior to red raspberries, aren't considered a viable commercial crop in most areas, and grew feral on my great grandfather's property (back in the day, when food didn't really get shipped very far, the family had a raspberry farm). So many thanks to Cris (who has no LJ, but who does have a berry hedge in his back yard.)
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It's actually Wisconsin out there for once - 6 inches of snow overnight, and I got to go to a dentist's appointment in the middle of it. Today, however, I've got no reason to go out, and I am sticking to it. Minimum quota, website reworking, tea and curry day instead. Also, I am totally going to spend some time wallowing in books.

To the curry mines!
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My computer finally gets here tomorrow! *crosses fingers* I hereby promise not to break open the box and try to assemble it as soon as it arrives.

It has finally gotten quite cold, in that "yes, it is winter now," sort of way, instead of the possibly autumn way that we have been experiencing. It is not yet quite cold enough for the radiators to be going in my building so I type this in orphan gloves and a shawl, with the space heater on. I am glad for yesterday's craft day at [profile] ladydrake's, where I revamped much of my red twill skirt. Now it needs only buttons and buttonholes (so much work!)

In a fit of unnecessary money-related twitchiness, I bought a lot of lentils, tomatoes and potatoes. They are very cheap and will keep me fed for weeks if need be.

Went shopping with [profile] moments_away today, which did not go as nicely as hoped. It seems that the Catherine's location on Bluemound Road has one staff member (possibly the manager) who does not believe that boy-shaped people get to use the dressing room, even if they are accompanied by ciswomen. She was also unwilling to allow us to use the bathroom for try-ons, so we left. The other staff member did not seem to object, as we were being polite and quiet, but so it goes. I suspect that there would have been little to no problem with a guy going in to help zip or button up a girlfriend. Fortunately, Goodwill does not give a damn, so the excursion was rescued.

Next weekend: Mitsuwa and new ratbabies.

Now, I fix some problems and send work back to an editor, and see if I can get some fiction cleaned up for an open call that's coming due. Possibly rework some old article rejects for rights sale. Tomorrow, if all goes well, I get to spend the evening playing with my tablet. Odds of all going well on assembling a new comp are laughably small, but I shall try nonetheless.
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Well, it looks like fall's hit, for better or for worse - even if it gets to be 80 again shortly, my eyes have started telling me that the light is fading too quick and starting too late. I'm waking up at ten instead of nine because the lighting in my apartment has changed, and it's full dark by a little after 7:30.

For the past two days, I've woken up in minor despair, with the desire to keep on sleeping, and it's been difficult to get myself going. I've been down and somewhat angry since the last week of July, which is completely situational. This is new and different.

This is annoying. It's only September. That's supposed to be summer's last gasp, and here I am having to winterize myself.

Winterizing is this year's new concept. Rather than simply dreading the dark coldness, I shall attempt to create conditions and expectations that will result in the least misery. This weekend, I'll be buying ultra bright, white CFLs for my ceiling lights, and possibly a lamp timer that'll turn on the light at 9 am to get me out of bed without making me hyperventilate (which alarms now do).

Going to lower expectations on what to get done and how much advancement I'm going to be able to manage for various skills. The goal is to maintain something similar to my current quality of life this winter. It probably won't quite stay up that well, but there shall be Rules.

To steal a term from Elizabeth Bear, I shall be going on the Discipline. She uses it to refer to eating such that her body wants to make muscle and not fat. I'm using it more as a set of rules that will make sure I am a functional, reasonable human being.

Winterizing and the Discipline detailed here for my own reference, but probably not of interest to most )

In other news, I made toffee last night. It is really, really good, and now I don't want to buy Werthers anymore. I must, however, do something about the fact that it cools with many tiny bubbles in it. If you are avoiding chewing the toffee for the sake of your teeth, they're murder on the tongue.

With this written, I'm going to head off and get my first article started, in order to have at least one done before noon. Then breakfast and cleaning.

Stupid winter.
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So, last night it snowed a foot, all at once. I carefully moved my car to the place I thought was the right one, so as to avoid a ticket. Guess what was the wrong choice! So, today I was well plowed in, with probably 4-6 inches still on the road, and a ticket in my car. I also owned no snow shovel.

Thankfully, [ profile] samadi and [ profile] space_geek_ken were on hand, and were willing to help me dig out. We initially began this project with two cookie sheets and a dustpan, but my building manager was kind enough to loan us 1.5 snowshovels (one was cracked), and not to laugh at us.

Eventually, we dug out of the snow bank and got onto the road, but all parking places were taken by then, except the ones we needed to shovel into, and rush hour was on. After much circling, getting slightly stuck, skidding and so forth, we decided that we needed to go buy a shovel for the car and some kitty litter. We went off to walmart, discovered they had naught, and picked up a very small snow shovel (probably for kids) and the litter at Big Lots, instead, since people apparently hadn't managed to raid there yet. Then there was a glorious stuffing of selves and Baker's Square, and the dreaded return. Upon which, we found that the parking space I'd carefully moved out of last night was vacant, and that the car fit nicely. The end.

I don't want to go on any more adventures. Also, we are looking into short term garage storage for the car during the wintery apocalypse.

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