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I've just been an interesting combination of busy and inert. Helping a friend move from Peoria to Milwaukee (still in progress), finally getting a little art done (working on that today), doing quite a bit of sewing. The winter is also getting to me, though not as badly as it often does. I have bread in the oven, most of the dishes are done, and I've folded laundry already this morning.

Had to have Exciting Dental Work done in the past two weeks, which was expensive and not at all fun. Have root canal, waiting for the cash and appointment to get a crown. Have not been writing to quota the way I should have, so income is poor this month. Not a good combination. Ought to be making up for that today, but that is the last thing I want to do. Can't have caffeine much for the foreseeable future. A cup of very strong English Breakfast yesterday precipitated a rather amazing amount of anxiety. This is dissapointing, as the tea was my reward for having put up with the dental work.

Instead, of course, I want a better apartment. Also not terribly economically feasible if I keep doing crap work. :P I have gotten better about this one while I've lived here, though my housekeeping is still terrible. But some things aren't going to get better - having a bathroom made for a guy (of either sex) who owns no personal care products or cleaning supplies is one of them. Having a kitchen that's about 3.5 feet wide and is another one. Just got to decide if I can put together the cash for moving, and keep up the income, and deal with the hassle, or whether Kitchen of Hallway is preferable. It would be awfully nice to have a place I could actually mop.

I do intend to eat through my pantry before spring gets going. There're a lot of elderly legumes, starches and frozen stews I need to deal with. For instance, I had completely forgotten that I'd frozen a Japanese curry. I have a good deal of envy for [profile] samadi's much more streamlined apartment these days. I can't mimic that, but maybe I can cut down the stuff in the kitchen a little.

In other news, gearing up to do some more art for the Alphabeastiary again. I originally stalled in mid-November after doing A in a hurry. Currently working on the Bush Dai Dai. Linework is complete (the safety scan looks awful, so I won't share it with you here) and I'm ready to do colors, once I get up the energy. Hopefully this'll continue. But first - there's literally a bun in the oven I need to check on, the bread is rising, and I'm going to go spend some time on the bed with a rat.

I think today calls for a whole lot of really loud mittelalter music, and perhaps scrubbing something.
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I'm once again gently purging my things (big purges are no longer possible without giving up whole hobbies, which requires some thought) and am getting rid of some clothes. Specifically, my SCA court dress, which I never wear, and a number of new bras from various sale orders that didn't work out. Clothes under here )
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I've had one of those "oh god, the mess is going to eat me" bugs for a while now, and that's resulting in a giant room organization/rearrangement fest. I'm also currently completely mad. I've been oscillating between fits of despair and not knowing where I'll put things and the urge to declare myself a god (to the rats - there's no one else to hear) and run about in a frenzy. So far, I have obeyed neither, and have managed to stick to steadily putting things in ever-smaller piles, or in the trash can. I do have more floor right now than I've had in some time, however, and that's pretty cool.

Also: it is a swarm of locusts day, and eating is getting really annoying. Soon I shall devour all! Food doesn't even sound all that good; I'm just stopping to consume when the stomach pain gets too bad or my blood sugar drops enough that I feel like I'll tip over.

Still, minor cleanliness (in the midst of extreme chaos). Quasi-organization!
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The failing of the light is starting to get to me. Motivation is slipping, and I'm not prone to post much. The real evil, of course, is that it's not even getting cooler, despite getting dark at 7. I demand that we reboot October and get it right the next time.

Since I've been terribly unmotivated, I've needed to fall back on a system of bribery to get work done. That's right, folks - my work ethic is based on graft. Though, in this case, the illegitimate gains needed to make me work are ten minutes of video gaming in exchange for a paragraph, or a session spent researching period gowns in exchange for getting base color down on an illustration. Or, this Livejournal entry.

Unrelated discovery. While I was living out of a bag, and all my clothes were packed, I had to do laundry about every five days. Now I have more clothes. I think I liked it the other way. Might be time for yet another purge, which will once again cause all the more mainstream folks to look at me oddly. At least, that was the result of my thinking ownership of five pairs of shoes to be ridiculously decadent on my part. I think that broadcloth skirts might be repurposed into linings for other garments.

Had insomnia last night, due to a bout of anxiety over some totally sane (and relatively low) prices I'd sent a client. I need to teach my subconscious that I am allowed to charge fair rates. Keeping me up till 5 am is not an acceptable response. This fact might explain why this entry lacks coherence somewhat.

Anyhow, off to the word mines.

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