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Oh, Internet, Internet...

(It occurs to me that years of article-writing has me capitalizing that automatically. Yet they tell me that the AP Stylebook and the NYT have abandoned it. Shall I have to re-train myself?)

Anyhow, this has been a Day. Turns out the guy who was in charge of scheduling the plumber, and who called me on Friday (we're about four person-who-calls-a-person deep now) told me wrong. I was up at 7:30 today, my god, my god, and no plumber appeared. He/she/they are due tomorrow instead.

I've got a print order to fill, and set up the big printer accordingly, at which point it informed me that it was dangerously low on ink. I promptly ignored this and it printed two very nice images, which are safely signed and packed away. What the printer did not wish to do, after the way of its kind, was print the very simple shipping label immediately afterward. I will be forced to buy new ink remotely and send M out to pick that up tomorrow.

Since my fight with Etsy and then the printer was futile, I had another round of angrily moving things. It turns out that I can find spots for a surprising amount of stuff if I'm just adequately pissed off at it. I've got access to my desk chair again and I've unpacked the tower; after this I'll just need to actually build/acquire a desk. Preferably one no more than 16 inches deep, which may be a challenge.

I wrote another $40ish worth of article, which hopefully was not in the Incan monkey god's simple but beautiful language, flatted Morpheus while watching B99 with my Wisconsin buddies, and was rewarded with the gift of Korean blackberry wine by M. My mood is oscillating wildly.

Poor L went through a bureaucratic mess today to get her car registration up to date and legal in WA, and was promptly pulled over by a cop 20 minutes later. May the little god of stupid coincidences still be with us tomorrow, when our heroes try to get the plumbing fixed, print a goddamned label, call back after a job interview and mail a package.
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I actually tried to write this earlier, but was stymied by weird difficulties in logging in AND the inability to change the password on the off chance I forgot it. Thus, you're going to get a less-wordy me this evening.

Highlights of the day: spending almost all of it playing Don't Starve: Shipwrecked. I have made it into year 2 for once.

Low points: Ankle, please do not engage in that sensation. It is helping no one.

Accomplishments: Presuming my video game mightiness doesn't count, I did manage to help Meredy get a resume revised and another job application in.

Unrelated: My Y key keeps sticking...
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Just got the tubes installed at my new place, at long farking last. I am exceedingly lucky that I was able to do some relatively high pay-per-word work over the break, and that I could do it via tiny laptop+USB drive+a lot of ferrying things back and forth to [profile] moments_away's place, but not having a connection made me feel horribly isolated. Having the Internet also helps me feel like this is actually an apartment, rather than some weird hotel room I'm temporarily staying in.

Minimal other news for the time being; my stuff's still all over, my bed is on the floor, and I need to build gobs of furniture. The rats also have a new house, since we recycled the old one rather than clean and move it (after 7 years, a Martin's 690 gets very unfortunate). I will post photos of the new apartment (which is considerably larger than a shoebox) whenever I actually have it together enough and when I can finally find my camera.

Now, to get through 9+ days of LJ back entries.
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I'm adding a Twitter client to my computer because I'd occasionally like to respond to people I'm reading via RSS and the actual Twitter page makes my head explode. *sigh*

In other news, I have -another- giant writing job and can I move yet?
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My computer finally gets here tomorrow! *crosses fingers* I hereby promise not to break open the box and try to assemble it as soon as it arrives.

It has finally gotten quite cold, in that "yes, it is winter now," sort of way, instead of the possibly autumn way that we have been experiencing. It is not yet quite cold enough for the radiators to be going in my building so I type this in orphan gloves and a shawl, with the space heater on. I am glad for yesterday's craft day at [profile] ladydrake's, where I revamped much of my red twill skirt. Now it needs only buttons and buttonholes (so much work!)

In a fit of unnecessary money-related twitchiness, I bought a lot of lentils, tomatoes and potatoes. They are very cheap and will keep me fed for weeks if need be.

Went shopping with [profile] moments_away today, which did not go as nicely as hoped. It seems that the Catherine's location on Bluemound Road has one staff member (possibly the manager) who does not believe that boy-shaped people get to use the dressing room, even if they are accompanied by ciswomen. She was also unwilling to allow us to use the bathroom for try-ons, so we left. The other staff member did not seem to object, as we were being polite and quiet, but so it goes. I suspect that there would have been little to no problem with a guy going in to help zip or button up a girlfriend. Fortunately, Goodwill does not give a damn, so the excursion was rescued.

Next weekend: Mitsuwa and new ratbabies.

Now, I fix some problems and send work back to an editor, and see if I can get some fiction cleaned up for an open call that's coming due. Possibly rework some old article rejects for rights sale. Tomorrow, if all goes well, I get to spend the evening playing with my tablet. Odds of all going well on assembling a new comp are laughably small, but I shall try nonetheless.
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I...just made coffee without putting any coffee in the pot. Oh, week, please spare me.

The weather is not being kind to me. This week has seen a mood drop, an increase in generalized feverishness and assorted sick, and a constant headache that have almost eliminated the extra work I did last week. I am at least improved over yesterday, however.

Also in the land of weird dilemmas/happy things: I got a 12" Cintiq. It is beautiful and wonderful and it makes drawing a lot faster. Tests later today to figure out just how much faster, but it'll mean I won't have to put together the design digitally, then print it out because of the imprecision of my tablet, draw on the printout in pencil, scan it in, repeat ad nauseum.

There is a catch, however. You see, my computer is very, very old. The case is probably 10 years old, the motherboard and video card six. Other components are variously aged. The Cintiq is made to run as a dual monitor, but only if you have a graphics card new and nice enough to include two outputs. I can currently use it by itself, but it is not really big enough to handle writing or watching movies or any of the other things I like to do at the same time as drawing. Also, I have this huge farking monitor here that needs to be used.

So, given the age of the entire computer, I am faced with a dilemma. Do I find a graphics card that will work on my antiquated motherboard and squeak by for a little while longer, or do I move up that whole-computer rebuild I have been considering for ages but didn't want to do right this minute?

The proper thing to do would be the rebuild, but it's a complete rebuild, and it's gotten pretty hard for me to track computer hardware of late. Also, that's really quite expensive and more than I was planning to spend just now. Mr. Cintiq was spendy enough. I could buy a new comp outright, but I'm a control nut and that sets my teeth on edge a bit. I am unsure. Perhaps I just need to find my momentum and write a whole damned lot. The accountant does like it when I buy things I can write off.

For now, back to trying to make coffee and something for lunch. The theme of all my meals for the past 14 hours or so seems to be "whee, peanut sauce!" At least keeping the wok hot means that it's not quite so cold in here.
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I've been considering saving up for a Cintiq, since I have real trouble with long lines and sweeping curves on a conventional tablet. Half the time, I end up printing the sketch, drawing over it in pencil, scanning it, and laboriously tracing my own lines. I suspect a Cintiq would help, but I fear mistaking new tools for skill. Does anyone vaguely in my driving radius (I could stand to go 2 hours out from Milwaukee on a special trip, or longer if I'm on the way somewhere else) have one they'd let me play with for a half hour?
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So, a while back, I got a G+ account, since it seems like a somewhat more tolerable alternative to Facebook, hideous real name policy aside. I have made two posts. Today, I made my first comment not on my immediate stream. It seems I find the interface intimidating and scary. While LJ, Dreamwidth, and to a certain extent Tumblr (which I'm still not sure about) give me the lonely but secure feeling of talking into a darkened room, Google+ feels more like having my notes confiscated and read in front of the class. Of course, I've wondered about just starting a standalone blog on my website; it's the most stable and under my control. I wouldn't have to worry about the service eating it as much. But getting readers that way is most difficult - even harder than on the fading skeleton that is LJ. So, for now, I suppose I will try to learn to use these foreign devices.

In other news, writing is going reasonably well, art is better than it has been in months, and I'm even sewing a little. [profile] moments_away found me an air conditioner on the lawn in front of my apartment, one better than I've been using. I am reminded of why I like living downtown. Our informal stuff recycling process is wonderful. The meat is still dropping weight (a term I use loosely, since the scale numbers are going down, but I'm not convinced anything real is happening) at an alarming rate. I fret over this, not because I am concerned about my health (numbers are still in the acceptable range), but because I feel like it's a trick and I am unwilling to trust it.

Made another pot of potato soup for the rest of the week last night. Also boiled up a new vat of laundry soap. My apartment still smells gently of citronella. There is little else of interest; I am thinking about buying a drafting table, but feeling guilty about it. I await a new shipment of bras with more eagerness than underwear should elicit. I have lost almost all my desire to bake.

Two to three more work units left to mine for week, unpleasant dentistry come Monday, and a trip to Waukegan tomorrow. Here's hoping you all have a good weekend!
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There ought to be more of it, don't you think? What with the Ottoman Turks inventing the steam engine in the 16th century and all.
The Electric Sultan )
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My friedge apepars to be dead. I have a message in to my apartment manager, though goodness knows when he'll respond. Now I'm doing a rather unpleasant enforced kitchen clean. It was bad, and I'd been planning to kill it with a stick, but this is a bit sudden. Really, now, refrigerator.

Maybe if I'm lucky, they'll bring me a smaller one and I'll have more kitchen space. But for now, I have to try to get all this stuff into a cooler and on the shelves, and scrub the hell out of the stove. And I already moved someone today. At least that was short and speedy - I apparently needed my energy for fridge rescue.
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Today, I tried to look at an entry someone else made and was forced to watch a moving, talking ad that wouldn't close. Anyone who knows me in real life is aware that nonconsensual multi-media experiences are big no-nos. Now, I'm not having a fit and leaving LJ (yet), but I thought about it real hard for a bit. And I wrote a grumpy note to feedback. And I realized that my friends list was in real need of a cleaning.

Communities that haven't been active since 2006, people who rushed en masse to facebook six months ago, folks who aren't speaking to me, communities that have devolved into a pile of ads for badly made goggles. All of these must go. There's no malice in removal (okay, sometimes glee for the ad-communities), and the criteria are based on whether or not I use the community or the user posts/comments at all. If I strip you and you want to be readded, just ask. I'm being pretty zealous on this one.

Am also considering killing the art journal. There's not a huge difference between it and here anymore (I post less personal stuff here and am less terrified that some grandma's going to find out I'm a poly freak and refuse to buy my stuff now) and I suspect most of the people who only watch it are ghost accounts anyhow. Weigh in as you please. If LJ continues to tick me off, I may flee for other waters and crosspost/syndicate here instead, as well.

Also, sunset before 4 (Not technically, but effectively, as gray as it was) is not ok!

Stupid sun.

Come the 21st, I'm gonna set something on fire.


Oct. 1st, 2009 08:23 pm
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Shiny new monitor arrived. It is huge. It tries to eat me. It also has a full line of dead pixels down the right side of the screen. So, back it must go.
The old one has been more cooperative of late, returning to its usual five or so tries to get it to stay on, instead of sitting there and blinking at me.
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So, last night it snowed a foot, all at once. I carefully moved my car to the place I thought was the right one, so as to avoid a ticket. Guess what was the wrong choice! So, today I was well plowed in, with probably 4-6 inches still on the road, and a ticket in my car. I also owned no snow shovel.

Thankfully, [ profile] samadi and [ profile] space_geek_ken were on hand, and were willing to help me dig out. We initially began this project with two cookie sheets and a dustpan, but my building manager was kind enough to loan us 1.5 snowshovels (one was cracked), and not to laugh at us.

Eventually, we dug out of the snow bank and got onto the road, but all parking places were taken by then, except the ones we needed to shovel into, and rush hour was on. After much circling, getting slightly stuck, skidding and so forth, we decided that we needed to go buy a shovel for the car and some kitty litter. We went off to walmart, discovered they had naught, and picked up a very small snow shovel (probably for kids) and the litter at Big Lots, instead, since people apparently hadn't managed to raid there yet. Then there was a glorious stuffing of selves and Baker's Square, and the dreaded return. Upon which, we found that the parking space I'd carefully moved out of last night was vacant, and that the car fit nicely. The end.

I don't want to go on any more adventures. Also, we are looking into short term garage storage for the car during the wintery apocalypse.
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I've been ignoring a few things, so they've gone and snowballed on me. See, we may get a lot of snow tonight, so I wanted to know what to do with my car.
On my street, you're not supposed to park on the odd side if there's four inches or more of snow. Normally, that means everyone just parks on the even side
Except, of course, that the even side is occupied by a school. So you're not allowed to park there between 7 am and 4:30 pm. I am rarely up by 7, and it's full at the moment anyhow. No snow sticking as of yet, so I'm just going to cross my fingers.

Of course, then I realized that my parking permits were due to expire tomorrow. So I need to get new ones. Except the permits are for my IL license plate, which expires at the end of January. And if I transfer my registration, I'll need to get a new license.

So, I went to look up what I need and my fees. Turns out that WI is going to require me to transfer the title, too. Which means $70 for that, plus $75 for the registration, plus $30 for the license, plus $45 for a year worth of parking. And all the websites are pretty well impenetrable, plus my experiences at the police station (where I need to get my permits) and the DMV have thus far been very unpleasant. Regulations are not stated very clearly, and the workers are cranky, since no one understands them.


I could get the parking permit for another three months (less expensive) and change my registration before the end of January. That's the easy route. However, that means remembering to do it, which I'm bad at already.

I would like that Garage of Holding now, please.
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Picked up the car today, and I am very glad for my warranty. The internal computer, an important part of a Prius, had failed. It took with it, among other things, the fuel tank, water pump, and several other important systems. All but one hundred dollars were covered by warranty, of what would have been a several thousand dollar repair. I also got them to do some various maintenance things (changed oil, replaced cabin filter, removed squirrel nest, etc), so the whole thing came to a little over $200. And my car now runs as smooth as butter. It's really lovely, and now I have transport once more!
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Why should I say that? Because what's wrong with my car could easily have cost me thousands - the computer went. Pretty much everything in my car is controlled by that computer, so that means that the fuel tank, water pump, and several other things were quite shot as well. The warranty is covering it all, other than a 100 dollar deductible. The rest is replacing filters, changing my oil, squirrel nest removal and a few other things. So I'm relatively lucky. Ought to have the car back by Wednesday. *tiny party*

Currently very stressed, but much work to do, so it's gotta take a back seat. Especially since I don't exactly know why I'm stressed. Meh - so it goes. Most stuff's going okay, though - still have a few things to set right in the apartment. Of course, they're the hard ones. :) Off to the word mines with me!
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Anyone out there in LJ land still use an Epson 2200? I have most of a full set of cartridges that I no longer have a use for, and will happily send them to you for the cost of postage.
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We've cancelled our star-crossed AT&T account, so the landline for the Necroplex is no longer operational. Use my cell number or email to contact me instead. If you'd like to have my cell number, comment below and I'll make a locked post just for you.

In other news, I think you were right, Andrew - the little laptop did it again with a different OS. I think that harddrive is toast.
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As of Saturday, [ profile] moments_away and I set out for Milwaukee. Read more... )
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For whatever reason, looking at open calls and discussions about self-promotion make my stomach turn. This has been going on for a bit. I think I ought to step down the art for a bit, see if I can actually paint more. I'll still be taking commissions quite happily. I just won't go looking for the forseeable future.

Also, having a stick of RAM die on you when you've been working on a 9x12 at 600 dpi? Is a real pain in the rear. Slug, Photoshop, slug!

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