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Woke up slow but not actively unhappy this morning. Day slowly declined. I only had a half day done by 3, decided to go do the great Bra Shopping excursion. This store had treated us well in the past, but previously, the owner had not been around. Very unpleasant, acted as though I was lying when I said I wore a tight band to avoid back problems. Tried to put [profile] samadi in a band 6 inches too big. Do not think we will return unless we figure out how not to talk to her anymore.

Have not met quota today, because shortly after I arose from the great Nap, Aeneas took a turn for the worse. I am now down to two rats. The vet thought he had respiratory trouble on Wednesday, but I'm pretty sure this was congestive heart failure. This is a shame - old rat was old, but ticking along well until about a week ago. Perhaps in a month or two I will contact Sixth Happiness to see about some babies to bother the Tsars of all Ratsia.

Kinda tired and blah, and randomly worried about unimportant things, which usually indicates not all is well in my head. Possibly going to Bristol the 27th for the steampunk thing, but am somewhat concerned about the lack of info out there.

1/4 done with new pinwheel skirt. Planning to live on borscht for the next week.
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At [personal profile] hermitgeecko's request. These are full resolution - the size I worked on it at. )
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There ought to be more of it, don't you think? What with the Ottoman Turks inventing the steam engine in the 16th century and all.
The Electric Sultan )
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So, I'm embarking on a once a month habit of buying a book new from the store. It has to be a book I haven't read before, and it has to be a relatively new one. It is allowed to be a writer I already know I like, but new writers are okay, as well. We started out a little late for October by getting Rosemary and Rue at WindyCon. I haven't gotten around to reviewing that one, and probably ought to, since my last review was...vitriolic. But since I just finished reading the most recent one, Clockwork Heart, and it's fresh in my head, you'll get that instead. Do note that this is meandery and stream of consciousness, not a proper review.Read more... )


Nov. 12th, 2009 05:31 pm
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So, when I moved into this apartment, I carefully stored my matboard and cutter in my closet, behind my dresser trunk and everything else. I put the cutting heads into a bag with their blades, so they wouldn't get lost. I currently haven't the faintest idea where that bag is. I've been searching for it all day, and have been through pretty much all parts of the apartment. Without packing up, I'm not sure I can find them.

This causes some real problems for doing a show tomorrow. After all, as much as I hate mat cutting, it's a world less expensive than buying precuts. And most of the pieces I wanted to take aren't standard, either. Even the standard ones want a margin just a tiny bit smaller than the one on a standard mat. There's a Dick Blick five miles from the con, which could provide precuts, but it'd be expensive and the end result would be suboptimal. Argh!

I am trying to decide what to do, now. I may give one more search for the heads, though the only place I can think to look involves moving furniture and a lot of other things. I may be stuck taking old art, which is disappointing. I can see huge numbers of things wrong with all my older pieces, and the brain monkeys are convinced that no one will want to buy them. After all, they've been passed up for this long, no?

[ profile] samadi brought me chocolate, which makes her a goddess. I'm also trying to figure out what I'm going to wear. I could go in everyday stuff, but that's kinda dull, though brightly colored. This is an excuse to wear my victoriana, after all. If only it didn't take so much effort.


- Also, I'm unlikely to be able to finish the Pygmalion. If I'd been able to find the mat cutter and cut everything while there was still daylight, yeah, I probably could have speed painted until I fell over. But there's another big shiny thing what won't be going. I spose I could take it and work on it there. However, it's big and has boobies, and the con crowd, like the SCA, has recently gotten much more "Think of the children!"
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It's late and I'm covered in paint, but it's done. Did you know that right around the five to seven hour mark is when you start staring at the painting and thinking "are we there yet?"

The Imperial Exams Frown On Innovation )
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Partially finished
More steampunk stuff )
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Still working on stuff that's pretty easy for me - small pieces, ink linework, watercolor, etc. However, they're fun, and it's nice to have done two things in one day, when I usually finish nothing. Of course, I've stayed up too late for someone who's not slept much this weekend, and am very groggy. But here's more art.

Brass Wings II )
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But it's not always a fun one. I've decided I probably have a professional obligation to read the stuff that's being marketed as steampunk at the moment. So, I picked up Affinity Bridge at the local library. This was an unfortunate choice. And the people I talk to the most often have already heard me complain about it, so now it's your turn!

perhaps minorly spoilery? )

There's no art today, because I'm not as fast during the week as on the weekend, and I want to put all the studies from the same model together. I'm quite tired of drawing necks, but there are lots more to go. Once I get through a few models' worth of variations on the female neck and shoulders, I get to start on men. Wheeeeee.
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Went to the Steampunk event down at the Milwaukee Chamber Theatre tonight. I haven't been dressed up strangely for a while. It was nice. We went to Steam Century's pre-show, and they are quite nice. However, we've discovered a problem with this subculture. We are an insular bunch, so there was a lot of quiet talking to the people we came with, and very little success in talking to anyone new, even if they had a fun outfit. I know not how to correct this, and am just as guilty of it as anyone else. Kudos to the Steam Century folks for trying hard to get our antisocial butts in gear, though they had little luck.

The play itself was lots of fun, and done up as nearly a farce. The props and set design were amazing, and the entire play was put on by five actors (in something like 30 parts) and two highly visible stage hands in goggles and aprons. Pretty much everything you'd usually have done off stage (special effects, etc) was done on stage, to nice effect. The actors were quite good, and with the exception of one painfully awful Funny Chinaman, the play was highly amusing. Also, there didn't seem to be a minute of downtime. I can only bet that those people are very tired right now.

The walk back from the 3rd ward was not painful at all, which says I've gotten better stamina these days. I'm glad that some of this extra weight I've gained back is muscle, at least. Now, I am tired, and trying virtuously not to order a pizza. We shall see if I succeed.
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A post for interested folks who aren't on the central_steam journal:

Milwaukee Chamber Theatre announces “Steampunk Night” on Thursday, August 20 in conjunction with the production of AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS. The design, set and costumes of AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS are inspired by the steampunk aesthetic. On “Steampunk Night,” MCT invited enthusiasts to wear steampunk attire to receive a HALF-PRICE TICKET for the 7:30 p.m. show on Thursday, August 20. The event will start with pre-show activities hosted by Steam Century in the lobby. Then, after the show a concert by Madison-based steampunk band Eli August at 10:00 p.m. in the Skylight Bar & Bistro.

Anyone up for an entourage?
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I am aware that the wearing of trousers on the natural waist is considered dorky by modern standards. However, this was not always so. If you wear a fitted waistcoat of the appropriate length for a 19th/early 20th century outfit, and you don't pull your pants up, the result is...unflattering.
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Wow (NSFW)
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What I wore to club the other night.Read more... )
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And so should you:
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Right before moving, I acquired a steamer trunk. A bigger than me if I scrunch up, has drawers and stands uprigt steamer trunk. The interior fabric is original, hideous, and smells of mold, and it is hard to move. It also fit inot the back seat of my Prius in a technical sense only. It was necessary to remove one of the hingebolts to get the thing back out again. Never again shall Mr. Trunky be moved in the car.

However, this is the answer to all my art storage prayers. As of this morning, I have installed casters on the "bottom" of the trunk, so it can be more easily moved on flat surfaces. New handles will come later. Of course, I initially installed only three casters, as they're expensive and triangles are stable. What did Grace forget to take into account? The fact that my triangle becomes less stable when the trunk is open far enough to be useful. SO I'll have to go back for another caster, and drill some more holes. I got to use my old fashioned, nonpowered hand drill, though, which worked very well.
Soon, I shall paint the horrible stained floral fabric, and then I can put stuff! in it!

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