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On meds attempt number two and beginning to despair for a number of reasons I won't enumerate here because I don't have them completely figured out. Getting about 4 to 6 hours of actual sleep per night is further complicating the attempt to actually do that. I am tempted to give up and go back to relying on exercise and coffee.

I have, however, been doing more things than I usually manage in October. One of them was going to the Griffin's Needle 24-hour costuming event in Madison. Here )are some photos of me being very tired and sewing things.
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So there's two reasons I might not be updating in the winter. One is that I'm doing so badly I can't remember words and the other is that I'm doing surprisingly well and have my hands full with that. This year it is the other one, she says for the edification of future Grace.

In fact, the past few days have involved a workday well over quota (to make up for several under quota and the need to get on airplanes, but nevertheless,) a full kitchen clean, building a shelf in the kitchen out of miscellaneous scrap, putting my sofa up on legs, cleaning up some of the apartment flotsam and doing my laundry when I didn't strictly have to. Dunno what's going on, but I'll take it.

Things not done: fiction writing, as much extra quota as I really should be doing, fridge cleaning, backlogged personal and gift art. So it's not like I'm completely responsible.

In other news, I will be getting on an airplane (aargh) to go to San Antonio (aargh) over Thanksgiving (argleargh) to go see Seth (yay!) who supposedly has all the sunlight and warmth these days (additional yay, but not apparently at any time except during winter (argh)). This happens Tuesday and I am trying to juggle all the appropriate kittens to make sure that I get on my bus on time (I fear public trans for a number of silly reasons) and don't get attacked by the TSA (hello mandatory patdown).

I'm also drinking a -lot- of coffee this year. Hopefully the springtime wean won't suck too badly.

Today, cleaning horrible rat cage, finishing the dishes, cutting out a sewing project the TSA won't confiscate, filling my mp3 player and making sure that I have both a phone and a charged battery. Also lots of cooking and freezing to prevent new life from growing in my fridge while I'm gone.

I think I might finally like my apartment.
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1. I am very tired. I blame this in part on moving stress, in part on the greyness, and in part on how bad my sleep has been lately. No insomnia, no nightmares, but plenty of stress dreams. Also a bit on frustration at several difficult to alter situations that are rather important, and at people treating my friends badly.

2. My rat is sick. Vanya has been losing weight and seeming anti-social for a while, but I thought it was because Petya was routinely bullying him and the Romans kept stealing his food. Fighting started early last night and Vanya got moved to his very own cage. When I woke up this morning, he was lethargic, hadn't eaten and didn't object to me picking him up. One vet visit later, I have the standard cocktail of Baytril and Doxycycline, which he's to get 2x day for the next two weeks. I hope that it works; sick rats tend to improve significantly or go downhill fast, with little to no middle ground.

3. I did no real work today. It really seems as though I ought to feel guiltier about that, but see #s 1 and 2. Also, I did just finish a giant job last night and am something like 3/4 of a week ahead, reduced slightly after rat expenditure. Hopefully I will perk up a bit this evening. There are light bulbs to change out, floors to scrub, dishes to stuff in boxes. M minus 4 days.

4. Sweater coat is well underway. I've managed to get the skirt lining 1/3 finished, which sounds less impressive than it is. This coat will have a double-circle skirt and all the pieces are hand-hemmed, then whipped together, because the fabric in that construction fails before the stitches do and I want this thing to last forever. Am terribly afraid that my aesthetic sense is going to demand the chevron pattern on the outside. It would look lovely, but take a gazillion years. Will post design drawings when i figure out what the heck I want.

5. I am pretty sure I have done permanent damage to my face. When I look in the mirror I have pretty much textbook rosacea, down to the strange proto-acne. I am lucky in that my case is currently very mild and localized to the center and outside of my cheeks. However, this is a progressive condition that you can't make better. Controlling the damage is about the best option and the best way to do that is by keeping the skin unflushed and unirritated. For the past four or five years I've also been having weird mini-fever things that turn me pink, elevate my temperature slightly, make me tired and anxious and produce back pain. These happen semi-weekly, daily on occasion. Still not sure why, currently investigating possible food intolerance. So that's fun.

Well, then

Apr. 2nd, 2012 03:19 pm
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I have cleaned more things in the past few days; if only I knew how to make myself do it for me rather than out of shame/fear. Apartment was shown today and I think the person applied for it, so possibly no more showings, just maintenance guys. Feeling very wibbly about that because I haven't really convinced myself that I get the new apartment, so having people in to see the current one leaves me with the vague feeling that I'll have nowhere to live.

Loving spring, though a little terrified A. of what summer will be like and B. for the world in general if Wisconsin gets proper spring halfway through March. Most of the time, April means more random snow. Recently finished dealing with a couple of clothing projects that were languishing.

Vietnamese dragon embroidered over rip in skirt )
Froofy 1950s Apron )

And this is a rat  )

I have a cold, and am also in a weird place with today's work where I am totally allowed to stop, but really should not. I am looking forward to living somewhere potentially brighter.
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Because it's glorious out, but I don't really want to trundle out to the park, which I have to share with -people-. Am compensating by opening all the windows instead.

Should be cleaning, would rather be sewing. Embroidered a Vietnamese dragon on my green corduroy skirt yesterday, hiding the scissors accident it suffered some time ago. Will post pictures if I can find my camera cable.

Whee, spring!
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I've suspected it for years, but this time I'm actually lucid enough to be sure; I'm a different person in the winter. As I find myself ever more neophobic, more irritable, more easily upset by the Internet (I didn't need two separate posts about how fat people aren't working hard enough and feminists are just crazy), and generally tired, I can't help but want to crawl in a hole.

Winter me is easily agitated, anxious, doesn't like trying new things and isn't into leaving home very often. She tends to eat easy, familiar foods, since I can't guarantee that I'll be able to cook the groceries I buy, or if I cook them, that I'll clean up after. Winter me reads more books, makes less artwork, and sews a whole lot. She also gets distracted halfway through a lot of projects and is terrible about house maintenance. She cries a lot. She sleeps even more. I can't say I'm really looking forward to being that person again, but short of developing the kind of income that lets me move to the southern hemisphere for six months, that's how it's gotta be.

That said, things aren't not too bad this year. Objective reports say I'm in way better shape thus far, and I'm not the winter person entirely yet. It's just as grey and horrible out as yesterday, and I'm just as sick, but work was far easier. I've managed to do my laundry, clean up the kitchen a bit, and am even looking at writing a bit of fiction. If only I don't get laid out by a fever again tonight. There's such a thing as too much Glitch.

Have made some distressing observations about my main writing gig that suggest I oughta start shopping around for other things, and draw more, stupid. No immediate explosions, but a lot of Stupid Management Decisions that seem designed to make people disgruntled enough to leave.

After a long, confused weekend, I found [profile] moments_away's kameez sleeve, so that's one project that can go out the door shortly. I keep saying I need to take pictures of all my sewing, but of course I never do. Got a bunch of Elizabeth Bear books out of the library and will read them any minute now, I swear. Probably in a huge, absurd binge, the way I seem to read things now. I remember reading just a chapter or two at night before bed, but dimly, as in a dream. ^_^

Anyhow, Winter Hobbit out. There's ice cream to eat and fiction submissions to finish.
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Instead I:
Got 4 fillings
Scheduled more dental work
Started my period
Paid my car insurance
Finished most of a skirt

Exciting, innit?
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The big benefit of sewing for yourself is you know stuff fits. The downside? When your clothes start to go, you can't run to the store and get more. I am on the doorstep of a Bloomers Emergency, so today was a clothes-making day! Let's have some record keeping.

- Disassembled old french knickers for pattern. Sorted into easy and fabric-conservative types. These are essentially Edwardian-style divided skirts, cut on a circle plan, so they take rather a lot of fabric. Calculations are that the easy pattern (4 quarter circles with separate inner legs) takes 60" of 60-wide fabric. The others are split up further and can be laid out like a gored skirt, but take more time.

- Cut and assembled 2 pairs knickers. I want results more than I want to be really conservative, so I cut the easy pattern out of some 60-wide black twill I had on hand. Got the pieces assembled, but there's still a lot of hemming and binding to be done. Enough to make me wonder if it's worthwhile to learn to use the hemmer or binder feet on my sewing machine. And I never machine-sew.

- Cut shell for new jacket. I currently have a winter coat and the Literalist Steampunk Jacket, and that's it. I would like to have something I can wear out in cool but not freezing weather that won't negatively affect service quality at stores and restaurants. The steampunk jacket does not fit the bill. I cut this from what remained of the black twill, and I've not got the sleeves cut yet. They'll require some serious piecing, but I think I can make it look deliberate. There'll be a handful of tiny scraps left at the end for the rats to play in. Used a self-draped princess-seam bodice/shirt/coat pattern (I add more ease, depending). This one has been assembled as part of the draping process, but remains untested. That means potential weirdness down the line.

- Draped new sleeve pattern. I don't have any of my old ones, and they never fit well in the first place. Probably in part because they were enlarged from other patterns. So, I but the bullet and draped one on myself. This is trickier than doing a bodice, since pinning in your own armpit requires quite a lot of contortion. Ended up with something that resembles a 16th cen single-piece pattern. It has weird curves to it, but I made a quickie mockup and indeed, that is what shape I am. I blame fatness. Made another version and converted that to a 2-piece one to have on hand. Will have to do some complicated figuring to decide how to make the jacket sleeves, since I have either just barely enough fabric left or not quite enough. There's some other black cotton in the same weight, but a slightly different color.

Spent much of last night watching the prisoner (old version) and finishing off edging on my much-neglected blanket (it was just roughly blanket-stitched before). I am tempted to bind off the jacket edges in white, but this would probably be silly. Am currently on a redo the apartment kick. Replaced most of my old bookshelves with folding ones from Target, offloaded a 2 foot stack of books, redid my windows, slowly cleaning and organizing (with periods of explosion). Past Grace would not have believed you if told her living space would someday be so white, but it makes it look a lot bigger in here. Windows need more decrepit lace, though. Also, most of my decorative items seem to be made of dead animals or shed bits of animals.

Now, fabric is away, before I get tempted to burn myself out on sewing. Time for late dinner and some more ever-so-good-for-me practice sketching. Sore tempted to make mac and cheese. Will probably have tofu and bok choy instead, like a virtuous monster.
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- Made some surprisingly tall bread.
- Finished most of a garter belt (they don't make em for the likes of me)
- Done enough work while staring mindlessly at the computer to be 2 days ahead. Saving those for a trip later this month.
- Woken up terrified 5 or 6 times, but mostly slept through the night.

Now it is cold in my apartment and nothing seems worthwhile, and the world is reminding me how much I hate being alone (normally instant messaging provides company, or the illusion thereof). This is not the worst night, but it is certainly not a good one. I don't even want candy!


Still better than last year!

Well, rats

Apr. 20th, 2010 04:32 pm
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As of this afternoon, Aeneas, my little brown shelter rat, has his own digs. He's not happy about this, but he's going to have to spend some quality time in Rat Jail, since he and I have a strong disagreement about how many holes there should be in the other rats. He hit six months and decided that the entire cage was his territory. Cue progressively bigger rat fights and squeaking that can wake me up through earplugs. Eventually, queue nasty bleeding all over the cage. I'm unwilling to spend the ~$250-$300 it'd take to neuter him, especially since rat surgeries are tricky at best, so he gets to live on his own until he can stop being a jerk. The other two are squabbling lightly, but it's just the usually "turn over the other rat, then sit on him" stuff.

In other news, things have been quiet over here because I've been distracted by fabric. In the interests of eventually having less stuff, and because my current wardrobe is kinda sad, I'm going through my fabric stash and making things into useful clothes. This is the roundabout way to get rid of fabric, of course, but it seems to be working. I now have two partial blouses to replace one two that only fitted so-so and where the fabric had worn so thin it wasn't holding stitches anymore. One of them is complete except for sleeves, which will be added when I dig down to that other chunk of black linen. The other one just requires a lot of sewing. I also have a new summer skirt/petticoat out of light silk habotai, which needs dyeing, cause white isn't going to last.

Once I'm done, perhaps I'll take pictures. And maybe someday, I'll post them. Given that I have plenty of ancient photos sitting on my camera which I've not bothered to put up.

And now, more rat bothering!
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bodice pattern revised and tested
Orange silk twill skirt made
Blue circle skirt guarded and finished
Red cotton twill skirt cut out
Skeleton of Griffin's Needle documentation made
Hook and eye and needles for event purchased

Still to do:
Find safflower (probably requires full apartment clean)
find silk thread (ditto)
buy linen thread? (will the seller ever get back to me?)
Sew red skirt
Dip red and orange skirts to dull color (maybe - depends on whether I want to spend the winter stop sign red or not)
Cut out and sew new tops
Put away laundry
Much dyeing, documentation writing, and pattern testing
Make winter coat
Clean apartment very much
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Bar of accidentally purchased Zote (laundry soap) converted to liquid
Beige silk mordanted (alum)
Light yellow wool mordanted (also alum)
Fabric layouts for Griffin's Needle in October finished (white linen, mushroom linen, silk)
Many reference images for above collected
Cloth hose pattern created
1 pair electric grape wool flannel hose made and finished
Gored skirt pattern made
1880s bodice pattern revised
Revision tested (in progress)
Red twill and orange silk for winter skirts washed and shrunk

additional sewing and reenactment related maunderings )


Aug. 2nd, 2009 11:41 pm
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Today I made a skirt from start to finish - about four yards of eggplant linen, nearly a full circle. This was possible only by dint of using my machine on the long seams. I feel rather as though this is cheating, but on the other hand - skirt! Still 200+" of hemming, plus pleating, buttons and buttonholes, etc. Fingers are sore now. It's mostly for day to day use, but will made a decent underskirt for event wear as well. More skirts is always better, after all.

I've been doing too little, otherwise. Apartment is tornadoed and some tolerable art remains unfinished (I am still not at a point where I can like anything I make, but at least finishing it would be wise). Was doing okay, but someone important to me has recently been a bit of an ass in a way that remains unresolved, so that's pretty much torpedoed the productivity. Cryptic Grace is cryptic. I've been reading a lot of books, so as to pretend everything is ok.

Finished the Gormenghast trilogy tonight. I'd heretofore only ever read the first book. The second is equally impenetrable, and the third is outright surrealism, with minimal continuity (Titus is in it, and some things happen to him. The significance of these things is anybody's guess.) Also read Inventing the Victorians, which is lovely (telegraph spam!) and have been craving some of [ profile] barbara_hambly's older stuff (the Antryg stuff and the Sun Wolf books are both childhood favorites). Of course, I have exactly two books of this, and neither are in the same series. I used to have more, but a move ate them sometime along the way. There may need to be a bookstore trip.

The CSA has finally begun to get going, though it seems to be a bad year or a less generous farm. I remember being buried alive in green beans by this time last year, and the spoils just aren't as good, even if last Friday did yield a mighty borscht. Also, I need to give in and eat some more salad before the lettuce colonizes my refrigerator. Broke down a couple of weeks back and bought some regular yeast for days when I feel lazy or haven't planned properly. Bread in a mere two hours seems almost like cheating now.

Haven't managed to put the rest of the stripes on the Bumblebee Dress. I need to dig out the yellow linen again, and I'm not sure where I put it, or the remainder of my giant Ebay thread collection. There are far too many projects in progress! I've figured out how to get more wear out of my combat boots, as well. I wear them all crooked, and cutting them even again with my coping saw takes a long time, but it keeps me from turning my ankles.

Must make more things before the summer is out. Winter will turn me into a ball of useless once more, and I want to have gotten enough done before it comes. Argh!
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So, we have an approximation of spring here in the land of cheese. It is now mostly above freezing at night, and in the 40s and 50s during the day. There are colored things coming from the ground, which my sources refer to as flowers. And I have been greatly remiss in writing here.

My mood has still not quite settled out completely from winter, but at the moment, I'm merely having bad tendencies to catwax (clean the kitchen? do my writing? Why not work on my sewing instead?) with occasional mood drops. This is better than before. I still have not gotten up the energy to blitzkrieg clean the apartment, but spot cleaning is making this more of a habitation and less of a clutter factory.

I am so thankful to have such a small space to deal with. I am also very pleased that at no point did the winter blahs get so bad that I had to purchase bread from the store. While I skipped a week or so at a time, I made all of it using the yeast colony living in a yogurt container in my fridge. That yeast is now six months old. Happy birthday, yeast!

The rats are big and fuzzy, and like me, they have colds. I am hoping this will pass, because I'm far better at telling the severity of an illness in me than I am in them. Currently, it just looks like a spring cold, however.

Reenactment dribble )
In art news, I got most of the way through a piece I was very fond of, then corrupted the file wholly. I had not, of course, made any backups. That's put me off it for a bit, but I'll see if I can jumpstart that again. Things were going very well, for a bit.

On a day to day basis, I'm afraid I'm quite dull. I write articles, doodle, sew, and wax poetic about food. That's really about it.
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I'm thinking about making a haori sort of thing. Some kind of big, lined, rectangular-construction robe that'll fit on top of everything, no matter what I'm wearing. Today I dyed some greyish purple flannel more of a light plum/dark mauve, and I was intending to use my remaining Dylon to turn some of my mushroom colored linen sage for the shell.
However, while looking for the linen, I found a bunch of black twill I hadn't remembered I had, as well as a maroon flat sheet. Hmm. Goth haori? On the way, I also dug up a miscellaneous bin, in which I'd packed my spare air mattress pump (wish I'd remembered that before buying a new one), a bunch of leather, some videos, pigeon wings, and winter clothing.

Apparently it takes me all of three months to completely forget I own winter clothing. It's like my birthday. My apartment is giving me presents! The Cruxshadows agree with me.

Now I must make chubby woman in haori sketches to figure out what will be used for what purpose. The black and red could also easily go into some more skirts, since my black ones are getting quite ragged and I could use a nice one. Or I could make a purple and green something else.
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Went back to WV this past weekend, as my brother had some spare miles from his previous job (in which he had to fly to Tampa once a week) and they were going to expire. Read more... )

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