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Feb. 8th, 2011 11:14 am
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I write a lot of useful, but not very interesting, articles to reach quota each day. But sometimes I get to do a really fun one. Here are the sources for the one I'm working on right now:

MIT: Archimedes Death Ray

“Solar Furnace Could Save Earth”; Drew Hamilton; April 14,2010

Atlas Obscura: World's Largest Solar Furnace

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I've been doing Science! in the kitchen again. Yesterday I made some simple ginger beer based on this recipe and [personal profile] matociquala's efforts. Mine differs in that it has about 3 tablespoons ginger in it, which I cooked in water before adding to the bottle, and it is dark brown, since I have a lot of brown sugar to use up. The result is...bitey. There's a vague fermentation smell to it, but the taste is much like strong ginger beer in the glass bottles. Not very carbonated, probably due to my kitchen being cool, but tasty nevertheless. And no explosions!

Now, what else can I ferment?
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So, I did a little informal testing on my new supplies, and then I decided that there was no good reason not to get gratuitous with it. Lots of paper and squiggles, very large pic )
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Intentional ones! In Champaign, I'd gotten used to being able to buy my yeast in bulk at the natural food store. None of the ones around here seem to sell it, so I wound up with some packets from the grocery store, which are damnably expensive, at least comparatively. So I decided to experiment, and have been yanking a chunk of dough off the bread each time I bake. I just toss that in some liquid and let it warm up for a few hours before I bake again, and so far, it's been a success. It may be much less elegant than a sourdough, but it seems to be a viable colony. Plus, if I forget and use up all my dough, I won't feel as bad, since a very similar colony can be purchased at the supermarket.

Unfortunately, all I have in the house is pastry flour. That's because the white wheat (as opposed to red - the standard type) I bought turned out to be soft white wheat, not hard white wheat, as I'd hoped. Hard wheat makes bread flour. Soft wheat makes pastry flour. That means I can't make bread till I use it up. Why not buy some bread or all purpose flour, you ask? Well, I have a very small kitchen, and a limited number of storage jars. So, in the meantime, it's going to be muffins and such. Which, I have just discovered, can be made quite nicely with yeast (had to keep the colony going, after all!)
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Alright, this is just a general question for curiousity purposes at the moment. Ladies (and male bodied folks that dress female) - what are your underbust, waist, and hip measurements, and how far is it from the bottom of your bra-band (underbust) to your waist. Since this has been a problem on other forums, waist is herein defined as the smallest part of your torso. It is -not- where you wear your jeans!
If you don't know, or don't want to say, that's fine. But you are contributing to a wealth of costuming knowledge!

If this does what I want it to (might be a while, says cryptic-lady) I'll survey the gentlemen later.


Jan. 25th, 2008 10:31 pm
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Angela and I have been talking about doing more Science! around the house. She's mixing more glazes in the future, mostlike, and I'm getting into egg tempera and a little natural dyeing again (the two go well together, since madder dye is the first step to getting a good madder lake pigment). What's the difference between Science! and science? Less exact measuring, for one. Glaze chemistry is more like alchemy, really.

Don't worry - we have rubber gloves, chemical respirator available (should get one of my own soon) and a good knowledge of what doesn't go near food.

Did you know that you can make copper carbonate out of root killer and washing soda? I didn't until recently, and now I must try it. The world needs more blue-green powder.

Currently, I'm turning fifty feet of nylon rope orangey-yellowy-brown with onions.

Downside to my small weight loss: my back support corset doesn't. Since my back has been killing me, this is a problem. I took it in a bit in the back, which is helping, but I could stand to lace down another inch across the shoulders. There's still not enough bust room in this one, though, making it a prime candidate for becoming an underbust soon. On the plus side, current corseted waist: 37" without strain. I could probably reduce another two before it got awkward.

That's right, I was meant to be packing.

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