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I am somewhat less sick today, though it was a near thing earlier.

1. I made it to the orthopedic surgeon for a check up. My bones are all in the right place but still broken, apparently. I am to continue to stay off the ankle for another week, then switch to the walker or crutches and put gradually more weight on it. This is frustrating, but there are worse things. I miss walking!

2. I slept badly last night, with a round of our fun fibro-related friend, mandatory anxiety attacks. No matter what you might want to think about, you will come up with the worst possible scenario and spend the night sweating and full of doom-thoughts. This did not make the wake-up for the doctor my very favorite.

3. Upon returning to my den post-doctor, I endeavored a nap. Apparently this is a mistake, 'cause I woke up with a crushing migraine and a buncha fibro stuff. That cleared up around 5 or so, and I got a tolerable 4ish hours work in today.

4. I am out of chocolate muffins. Boo. I shall need to convince M to do some shopping for me soon, or else bite the bullet and order grocery delivery.


1. My head does -not- hurt much anymore and I should be allowed to actually walk in some form in about another month. Work went ok after I could see straight. Tonight seems like it'll be all right!

Too late

Jun. 7th, 2017 11:17 am
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Well, I definitely missed posting yesterday. Also failed at doing any unicorn drawing, since I started losing my oomph around 7 pm and then a migraine hit. Didn't remember that either existed till about midnight or so.

In actual accomplishments: another job app in for Mere, flats done on my current commission plus some flailing at a background, and two whole posts to Instagram without choking. My family has turned up on there, which is a matter of some consternation. Thankfully it's a feed I already self-censor on pretty heavily. Just a reminder to keep some pseudonymous accounts, I guess! (I wonder from time to time if I ought to pseudonym this one again, but I think that might only be a matter for concern if regular posting continues.

As I've become a more chronically ouchy person, weather has become a greater concern for me, and that's part of why I've run away from the midwest. Nevertheless, today's high is 20 degrees more than tomorrow's. I am not yet feeling it in the head regions, but fibro wants me to know it is here. Also, it possibly wants me to sleep for a week. I am going to try not to let it, cause there is work to be done!

Today, hopefully: One or more unicorn busts, lights and shadows in on Mithras, a round of work-at-home job research. Who knows if I'll succeed?!
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I got tired early last night and crashed by about 11, apparently doing a really poor job of closing the rat cage. About an hour later, I woke to the distinctive sound of a rodent trying to eat my bed. Midnight rat chase ended up scaring rat seriously, and I now have several really exciting holes in my hand (not really bleeding anymore, mostly just sore, etc, but the mess was impressive.) Eventually I got everything cleaned up and went back to sleep.

At 4:30 am, my girlfriend butt-dialed me. Twice.

Typing is an adventure today, but at least it's possible. Drawing is probably right out, unless I'm like Yuko from Johnny Wander and suddenly develop Secret Left Hand Powers.
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This morning did not go as planned. I woke up early and went to the farmer's market with [profile] samadi, as expected, then headed down to Kenosha. Where they had cancelled the talk I was expecting to attend (argh), and were having some demos, but not by anyone whose techiques I felt compelled to steal.

They do still have the gallery show up, however, and that is lovely. Medium-sized pieces from a lot of "name" illustrators, hung so you can get your nose nice and close to them (don't breathe on them, though!). There's a good selection of mediums, though it's mostly classical-style illustration. Absolutely worth a trip if you're in southern Wisconsin/northern Illinois before November 13. I got a good, close look at a John Jude Palencar, some of Donato's drawings and some of Janny Wurtz's paintings, all of which are invaluable to me. I also got to look at innumerable lovely slick oil paintings that I will absolutely never be able to reproduce. They're gorgeous - like brightly colored glass. Take-away lessons include "paint more" and "holy gods, work bigger." Wurtz had a couple paintings in there as small as I usually work, but they were far simpler.

We looked around at the gallery show, and at the other exhibits, since we had some time to kill, then wandered out to the -other- farmer's market. I now have cheese curds and farm eggs (cheaper than I can get here) in addition to my Brussels sprouts and cider. Tried to go to an interesting restaurant with [profile] ladydrake. It turned out to be closed and we ended up at Perkins, stuck behind Entitled Republican Man. He did not manage to specifically insult immigrants while we were there. I mention this because he managed to make it through just about everyone else.

I'd had a headache since I woke up, which I figured was sleep dep and the cold I've been fighting. Turns out that's not the case. It seems that I now get something vaguely related to migraines. They don't last as long as a real migraine, which is great. They only include some of the symptoms, which is sort of nice (first one included a mild headache and sudden near-blindness. This one had stabbing pain and nausea, but no light or sound problems.) However, one of the big things about migraines that I'm also lacking is the warning. I had no way of knowing this wasn't a normal headache until Suddenly It Wasn't, starting sometime around when we got in the car after lunch.

By Racine, it felt like someone was sticking an icepick into the top of my head, and I literally lost my lunch somewhere on I-94 around Seven Mile Road. The good news is that after some panting and sitting with my eye closed, I could drive again, so we made it home without having to force [profile] samadi to drive an unfamiliar car through the streets of Milwaukee. I did -not- take the swoopy pinball-machine ramp into downtown, tho.

Then I slept for three hours. I could happily go back to sleep again, but I'm trying to experience at least a little more daylight. This has been exhaustion week. Still tender, but I can read and move my head without feeling too ill. Maybe later food will be ok with me.

For now, I think I'm gonna play a lot of Glitch.
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Instead I:
Got 4 fillings
Scheduled more dental work
Started my period
Paid my car insurance
Finished most of a skirt

Exciting, innit?

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