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Today, three and a half months after I got here, I was finally able to talk a short walk around the neighborhood. It's still really pretty here, but I wish to protest that 85 degrees is too hot by far.
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Oh, Internet, Internet...

(It occurs to me that years of article-writing has me capitalizing that automatically. Yet they tell me that the AP Stylebook and the NYT have abandoned it. Shall I have to re-train myself?)

Anyhow, this has been a Day. Turns out the guy who was in charge of scheduling the plumber, and who called me on Friday (we're about four person-who-calls-a-person deep now) told me wrong. I was up at 7:30 today, my god, my god, and no plumber appeared. He/she/they are due tomorrow instead.

I've got a print order to fill, and set up the big printer accordingly, at which point it informed me that it was dangerously low on ink. I promptly ignored this and it printed two very nice images, which are safely signed and packed away. What the printer did not wish to do, after the way of its kind, was print the very simple shipping label immediately afterward. I will be forced to buy new ink remotely and send M out to pick that up tomorrow.

Since my fight with Etsy and then the printer was futile, I had another round of angrily moving things. It turns out that I can find spots for a surprising amount of stuff if I'm just adequately pissed off at it. I've got access to my desk chair again and I've unpacked the tower; after this I'll just need to actually build/acquire a desk. Preferably one no more than 16 inches deep, which may be a challenge.

I wrote another $40ish worth of article, which hopefully was not in the Incan monkey god's simple but beautiful language, flatted Morpheus while watching B99 with my Wisconsin buddies, and was rewarded with the gift of Korean blackberry wine by M. My mood is oscillating wildly.

Poor L went through a bureaucratic mess today to get her car registration up to date and legal in WA, and was promptly pulled over by a cop 20 minutes later. May the little god of stupid coincidences still be with us tomorrow, when our heroes try to get the plumbing fixed, print a goddamned label, call back after a job interview and mail a package.
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Instead I played video games for a period of time in excess of 16 hours. After which I got very angry at my room for still being a mess, my furniture for being in the way of unpacking, and my body for being broken in so many ways. And now my bed is on the other side of the room where it should be and I can start trying to figure out where things go.

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Five things are meant to make a post, so here are five:

1. I am posting here because I need and intend to do necessary self-promo work for art on a daily basis. However, I also have social anxiety to the point that even posting to Twitter makes me do things like cry and hyperventilate a bit. Dreamwidth feels less like a fishbowl and more like a friendly void. I never had many followers and likely even fewer folks check in these days. This is practice.

2. Since I last posted here there have been many things, but one of the most relevant is probably developing chronic daily migraines in about fall 2015, and getting diagnosed with fibromyalgia Feb. 2017. It is nice to have some degree of treatment for the former, and for the latter to be an explanation for my increasingly frequent bouts of exhaustion and random pain over the years. Reader, I have been ill.

3. In an attempt to escape the weather-based components of the afore-mentioned illnesses, I moved Seattle-ward at the beginning of May. I spent 20 years in the midwest and I miss all of you. The west coast is weird and I am not entirely certain I believe in it yet. This may be improved when I can get out of the house.

4. Almost immediately after getting moved in, I stumbled walking down two tiny porch steps (not even mine) while looking for our mailbox (turns out to be hidden down a weird alleyway and attached to an entirely different building). I promptly broke my ankle. Thankfully, I'd signed up for Medicaid a couple days before. But I haven't been able to leave the house without great effort and significant assistance since then. My girlfriends were kind enough to build my bed for me, but I still can't unpack. So there's a whole summertime PNW out there, but I'm actually just in this basement right now. It's a nice basement, but somewhat full of frustration at the moment.

5. I live right next to the local community garden, and you bet I'm going to go out there and work when I'm finally allowed to walk again. It is so very pretty.
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But I recently encountered [personal profile] msagara's posts on the process of raising her children and find them really interesting. It seems like a good analysis of how to approach dealing with your kids, and this post in particular an illustration of why you should in fact know that you absolutely do want them before you have them. I cannot even imagine going through that if I had the faintest doubt or didn't have my life more or less together beforehand.


I still don't have my apartment put together, Internet, but I'm drawing some cool things. How're you?
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Just got the tubes installed at my new place, at long farking last. I am exceedingly lucky that I was able to do some relatively high pay-per-word work over the break, and that I could do it via tiny laptop+USB drive+a lot of ferrying things back and forth to [profile] moments_away's place, but not having a connection made me feel horribly isolated. Having the Internet also helps me feel like this is actually an apartment, rather than some weird hotel room I'm temporarily staying in.

Minimal other news for the time being; my stuff's still all over, my bed is on the floor, and I need to build gobs of furniture. The rats also have a new house, since we recycled the old one rather than clean and move it (after 7 years, a Martin's 690 gets very unfortunate). I will post photos of the new apartment (which is considerably larger than a shoebox) whenever I actually have it together enough and when I can finally find my camera.

Now, to get through 9+ days of LJ back entries.
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Just had awkward conversation with building manager about politics, move-out date and cleaning requirements in the middle of attempting to syringe-feed a deathly-ill rat and after a night of poor sleep and unwell girlfriend. Felt my internal anxiety meter -tick- that last notch to full as soon as I say back down. I'm managing externally calm, but I am so flipping out right now. The cleaning is a horrible worry of mine and the paper I have been given suggests that I am responsible not only for my own considerable mess but for the cleaning failures of the past umpteen residents. Seriously - "dust and wipe down the radiators?" The radiator has gone unpainted for decades and has sediment in it. My irrational desire to build a fort and hide in it - rising.

Times such as this make me very, very glad that I don't have a regular job. They handle stress fits poorly at those. If my responsibilities were not so few, I think I'd be darned well useless. ^_^;
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I am allowing myself to take a half day today since last week's workstravaganza and a stressful relationship talk have me pretty well wiped. Tomorrow will involve kicking back into high gear, as I have a client who wants 15,000 words on just about every blood test there is. I am not even making myself do heavy cleaning or packing, something I feel guilty about, but at least a little recovery time is needed.

The weather has been schizophrenic, but it was very nice just before sunset, when [profile] moments_awayand I went for a walk down by the lake. The sky and the water were eerily pretty - a cross between a hyperrealistic video game and a Thomas Kinkade painting, complete with double translucency layer on top of the lake, huge bubble-gum pink fluffy-topped clouds and distant lighthouse. Saw a lot of red-breasted mergansers, with their darkwave hairstyles, as well as what might have been a baby one? It was roughly the same shape, but red and about the size of a squirrel. Also, I made and devoured an enormous smothered burrito.

I have reached that point in the workpocalypse where I actually have no idea what to do tonight if I'm not packing, cleaning or typing. It's a mystery.
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What does it say about my lifestyle and the frequency with which I move that I have an opinion on the different kinds of produce boxes the supermarket will give you for free?
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Whew. Just shy of a week of 10 hour days complete. One of them might have been 11 or 12 - counting is hard. But all my work is done, pending approval, and I'm well ahead of quota. I am also very tired, and am not allowed to spend much of tonight typing, drawing, sewing or playing video games, so as not to risk the wrath of the Hand Gods. As there is no rest for the moving, I will be spending the rest of the evening packing, doing dishes, cleaning the rat cage and generally trying to put the apartment back together for three days of showings. Gods, but I hate showings. They make me want to build a fort and repel all comers.

In good news, I get to be out of the house while people stare at my apartment tomorrow, because we are having a great bao-making. Fluffy steamed buns for all! ^_^;
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I wrote just over 11,000 words about organic gardening in the past three days. This is actually a lower rate than I often produce, but I had a client who wanted a short ebook done up. For my next trick, I'll produce three detailed RPG illustrations in 4-5 days, do my laundry, disassemble the electronics shelf and scrub that spot on the floor where the ink tipped over. This is gonna be one heck of a week. But! Thanks to art and the higher writing rate, I'll actually be well in advance of quota, which should support the copious amount of cleaning and packing I need to do. Moving is being more complex than I might like because the apartment has to be in decent shape for showings every couple of days. I'm officially off the hook until Sunday, so I need to fit in a lot of work between now and then.

In sartorial news, I have begun the long journey that is SweaterCoat! and have decided to live the rest of my life in Curvy Kate bras. Because my god, the back support. I am enjoying the heck out of this warm and pretty spring, though I wish I hadn't packed as many of my long sleeved shirts as I have.

Politics and a recent series of discussions about women in spec fic/on the Internet are making me alternately despair and rage, and there's naught to be done for it. Back to the mines with me.
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Running a little late on this, but it's still important to plug. The Prismatic Art Collection is a proposed free library of fantasy art dedicated to more diverse representation, both in subject matter and artist background. This library will be open to game and fiction publishers, as well as ordinary players. The art will all be licensed as Creative Commons Share Alike.

I'm involved in the project and they've begun their Kickstarter project to raise funding. If you'd like to see more women, people of color, people with disabilities and other underrepresented groups in your fantasy art, consider donating. You can also check out some of the other artists, either at their G+ page, their Facebook page, or the founders' blog. They're also still looking for artists and welcome submissions.


In other news, I'm well into project Eat Everything in the Pantry, which is making food a little weird. Last night I had delicious vegan pancakes (out of eggs and milk), which I promptly ruined with butter and cane sugar. I've taken down all my curtains for laundering, which makes my apartment look really strange. I think once I begin packing up the books, I'll actually believe I'm moving (which I'd darned well better be doing; I got a copy of my new lease in the mail yesterday).

Photos make posts better, but I don't have anything cool to show you (though I am now the bewildered owner of a very pretty pair of wingtips), so instead, here are some rats. )

Well, then

Apr. 2nd, 2012 03:19 pm
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I have cleaned more things in the past few days; if only I knew how to make myself do it for me rather than out of shame/fear. Apartment was shown today and I think the person applied for it, so possibly no more showings, just maintenance guys. Feeling very wibbly about that because I haven't really convinced myself that I get the new apartment, so having people in to see the current one leaves me with the vague feeling that I'll have nowhere to live.

Loving spring, though a little terrified A. of what summer will be like and B. for the world in general if Wisconsin gets proper spring halfway through March. Most of the time, April means more random snow. Recently finished dealing with a couple of clothing projects that were languishing.

Vietnamese dragon embroidered over rip in skirt )
Froofy 1950s Apron )

And this is a rat  )

I have a cold, and am also in a weird place with today's work where I am totally allowed to stop, but really should not. I am looking forward to living somewhere potentially brighter.
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Though it seems like they aren't. Take two large bags of miscellaneous crap out the apartment, come back and see no difference. I'm probably going to be spending most of my time and energy on cleaning, packing and fretting about friends' job situations until I move. Sadly, that means that art is even more unreliable than usual. For those of you in the audience, it probably makes little difference, since I haven't actually finished anything in yonks, but so it goes.

Spring has definitely found my head, so that explains part of the past week's anxiety and malaise. Clearly they were caused by colonizing germ armies. In other news, I'm looking at a dull but full and easy writing queue today, so at the moment things are not as sucky as they could be. Dim hopes of finishing a sewing project when not packing, since getting it out of the house counts as cleaning.

State of the world makes head explode, so as usual, I have nothing constructive to say about it.
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I am moving to a 1 br apartment around the first of May, once I give them an inordinate amount of money to make up for my not being all middle class and whatnot. (Nevermind that I carry no debt, have lived here for 3+ years and have never been so much as late with rent...)

Hooray, I'm going to have a counter!

Cue moving paranoia in 3..2..1...
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I've just been an interesting combination of busy and inert. Helping a friend move from Peoria to Milwaukee (still in progress), finally getting a little art done (working on that today), doing quite a bit of sewing. The winter is also getting to me, though not as badly as it often does. I have bread in the oven, most of the dishes are done, and I've folded laundry already this morning.

Had to have Exciting Dental Work done in the past two weeks, which was expensive and not at all fun. Have root canal, waiting for the cash and appointment to get a crown. Have not been writing to quota the way I should have, so income is poor this month. Not a good combination. Ought to be making up for that today, but that is the last thing I want to do. Can't have caffeine much for the foreseeable future. A cup of very strong English Breakfast yesterday precipitated a rather amazing amount of anxiety. This is dissapointing, as the tea was my reward for having put up with the dental work.

Instead, of course, I want a better apartment. Also not terribly economically feasible if I keep doing crap work. :P I have gotten better about this one while I've lived here, though my housekeeping is still terrible. But some things aren't going to get better - having a bathroom made for a guy (of either sex) who owns no personal care products or cleaning supplies is one of them. Having a kitchen that's about 3.5 feet wide and is another one. Just got to decide if I can put together the cash for moving, and keep up the income, and deal with the hassle, or whether Kitchen of Hallway is preferable. It would be awfully nice to have a place I could actually mop.

I do intend to eat through my pantry before spring gets going. There're a lot of elderly legumes, starches and frozen stews I need to deal with. For instance, I had completely forgotten that I'd frozen a Japanese curry. I have a good deal of envy for [profile] samadi's much more streamlined apartment these days. I can't mimic that, but maybe I can cut down the stuff in the kitchen a little.

In other news, gearing up to do some more art for the Alphabeastiary again. I originally stalled in mid-November after doing A in a hurry. Currently working on the Bush Dai Dai. Linework is complete (the safety scan looks awful, so I won't share it with you here) and I'm ready to do colors, once I get up the energy. Hopefully this'll continue. But first - there's literally a bun in the oven I need to check on, the bread is rising, and I'm going to go spend some time on the bed with a rat.

I think today calls for a whole lot of really loud mittelalter music, and perhaps scrubbing something.
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Lo, I am indeed alive. It's been a while since I posted here, and since then, I've moved, had serious car trouble and finally gotten Internet at my place. Read more... )
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Well, the current tenant moved out early, so I get to head up to my new, shiny apartment a week before I'd planned to. I'll be heading up on Thursday to get my keys, and moving will be accomplished Saturday. So, folks who wanted dates to see me before I left town should get their bids in soon. After all, I still have a chunk of packing to get done.


Sep. 20th, 2008 08:18 pm
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Toothpaste is astonishingly effective for removing printer ink from my wall.
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Provided that the rental company doesn't take offense to my application, I've secured an apartment in downtown Milwaukee, and I'll be moving as of the beginning of October. I like the apartment, and am rather antsy to move. However, there's much to do before going - I have to pare my worldly possessions down to fit in a very small space. It shall be an adventure!
In other news, two of my rats became seriously ill while I was gone. I am trying to decide if they'll make it. I hate having to do this.

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