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So I ordered the lovely Freya Lyla recently and while it fits nicely, it also produces back pain very quickly. If there's anyone on this journal who's a 36FF (US 36H or ribcage about 36, bust 48-50ish), I've put up a reduced price auction for it here.

(end shill)

Paperwork's up in the air still, but I might be moving in about a month. So that's exciting.
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I have thus far resisted the urge to do a full redesign, and updated the webpage properly, including print and original prices for anyone who still needs holiday gifts. Commissions are also open.

Necropolis Studios
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Still working on stuff that's pretty easy for me - small pieces, ink linework, watercolor, etc. However, they're fun, and it's nice to have done two things in one day, when I usually finish nothing. Of course, I've stayed up too late for someone who's not slept much this weekend, and am very groggy. But here's more art.

Brass Wings II )
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Actually painted something today. It's been a long time, no? And yes, I'm being lazy and posting it in this journal and not the other one, because more of you read this one anyhow.

Brass Wings )
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Since I'm prolly moving to smaller quarters next year, I should get rid of things I don't use.
Like this fridge, which I haven't plugged in this year.

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