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Whew. Just shy of a week of 10 hour days complete. One of them might have been 11 or 12 - counting is hard. But all my work is done, pending approval, and I'm well ahead of quota. I am also very tired, and am not allowed to spend much of tonight typing, drawing, sewing or playing video games, so as not to risk the wrath of the Hand Gods. As there is no rest for the moving, I will be spending the rest of the evening packing, doing dishes, cleaning the rat cage and generally trying to put the apartment back together for three days of showings. Gods, but I hate showings. They make me want to build a fort and repel all comers.

In good news, I get to be out of the house while people stare at my apartment tomorrow, because we are having a great bao-making. Fluffy steamed buns for all! ^_^;
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Which, I suspect, is a nice way of saying "why are you skulking in the bushes with a butter knife?" (The painters earlier this summer painted all my windows shut from the outside and I was prying them open). He helped me get the really bad one open, though, so now I can have storm windows again.

Have spent morning and early afternoon working on pagan devotional art, waiting for sick girlfriend to wake up. Not looking forward to dark @ 5 pm. (sunset at 4:38, technically. Daylight savings time, thou art my nemesis.)

Now, back to work.
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It seems my hindbrain has decided it's autumn. I suspect this is because the available light has reached a level about equivalent to late March. I am in much better spirits than during that time of year, but it is having some side effects.

1. I want to sleep a lot. Naps have gone back to being an hour plus. This would be fine, except that I am also having nightmares during, and I need to start getting up earlier and earlier as the sunset comes earlier. I am not looking forward to the doom that is Daylight Saving Time.

2. Moods are a bit random. I've been low in the mornings and highly distractable, but not completely depressed. For instance, today I have reorganized my closet, done some quickie repairs on my bed (won't last, sadly - come spring I need to either build or buy a new one), rotated my mattress (which weighs more than some people) and put a coat of shellac on the worn spot in the floor. I'll need to continue doing stuff for most of tonight, because we're currently in the exciting torn-apart stage of the apartment.

3. While I think it's fall, the weather does not. This has resulting my being convinced I need socks and boots when it's 85 degrees.

In good news, shucking more stuff - eventually I may have few enough belongings to finally fit in this shoebox. Less good news - my kitchen still sucks. ^_^;

Clean under bed
Finally put last of window screens in
Clear the floor enough to move round in
Take AC, box fan, baby food jars to curb for scavengers?
Read sample text for next commission once too tired to clean.

Help [profile] moments_away get new glasses, since hers broke in half
Acquire groceries
Drive to Rockford to pick up [profile] samadi and [profile] jmpierce, meet [profile] whymc for dinner after Adin & Christina's wedding weekend
Attempt to prevent fiery death in Labor Day traffic

Being self-employed and working at home means that most major holidays have become times when no one's online and you can't park outside your own building.
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Ugh. Woke up this morning out of a dream in which I'd murdered someone, hidden the body and was trying to figure out how best to lie in court about it. All sorts of nastiness. Thankfully, the haze from that is finally clearing, but it does have me out of sorts.

Current writing schedule gives me one day off to play with this week, as long as I make sure I spend a significant amount of it doing something useful. I am tempted to take it today, as it has occurred to me that the only reason my CPU is on the right of my desk, where it blocks the window, is that there used to be a bookshelf to the left. I could move the CPU to a vacant spot on the baker's cart pretty easily. Of course, then I think that it'd be awfully good to figure out how to hook up my computer's front USB ports (the case and motherboard are different ages, which makes this complex), and then I think how much I need to clean and reorganize the kitchen...

Well then, best to keep this under control, since I've done some sewing this morning and made the bed, but am actually not wearing clothes yet.

In good news, 3 weeks after IUD removal, I think my mood is partially better. I have less desire to play video games and read a lot of online manga, and more desire to clean things and make art. Unfortunately, anxiety and depression, while less, have not really cleared. Food is still wonky, can't track my weight because the batteries on my scale went out. Made 10 meals worth of black bean/corn/veggie chorizo enchiladas last night, so at least I know what I'm eating this week.

Yes; today shall be a day of cleaning things, possibly with a hardware store trip. The apartment is somewhat awful and it has been bothering me for a while. Just have to make sure I don't half-clean, then run out of energy.

Now, off to a shower; I have a fluffy new towel for the first time in 6+ years!
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The big benefit of sewing for yourself is you know stuff fits. The downside? When your clothes start to go, you can't run to the store and get more. I am on the doorstep of a Bloomers Emergency, so today was a clothes-making day! Let's have some record keeping.

- Disassembled old french knickers for pattern. Sorted into easy and fabric-conservative types. These are essentially Edwardian-style divided skirts, cut on a circle plan, so they take rather a lot of fabric. Calculations are that the easy pattern (4 quarter circles with separate inner legs) takes 60" of 60-wide fabric. The others are split up further and can be laid out like a gored skirt, but take more time.

- Cut and assembled 2 pairs knickers. I want results more than I want to be really conservative, so I cut the easy pattern out of some 60-wide black twill I had on hand. Got the pieces assembled, but there's still a lot of hemming and binding to be done. Enough to make me wonder if it's worthwhile to learn to use the hemmer or binder feet on my sewing machine. And I never machine-sew.

- Cut shell for new jacket. I currently have a winter coat and the Literalist Steampunk Jacket, and that's it. I would like to have something I can wear out in cool but not freezing weather that won't negatively affect service quality at stores and restaurants. The steampunk jacket does not fit the bill. I cut this from what remained of the black twill, and I've not got the sleeves cut yet. They'll require some serious piecing, but I think I can make it look deliberate. There'll be a handful of tiny scraps left at the end for the rats to play in. Used a self-draped princess-seam bodice/shirt/coat pattern (I add more ease, depending). This one has been assembled as part of the draping process, but remains untested. That means potential weirdness down the line.

- Draped new sleeve pattern. I don't have any of my old ones, and they never fit well in the first place. Probably in part because they were enlarged from other patterns. So, I but the bullet and draped one on myself. This is trickier than doing a bodice, since pinning in your own armpit requires quite a lot of contortion. Ended up with something that resembles a 16th cen single-piece pattern. It has weird curves to it, but I made a quickie mockup and indeed, that is what shape I am. I blame fatness. Made another version and converted that to a 2-piece one to have on hand. Will have to do some complicated figuring to decide how to make the jacket sleeves, since I have either just barely enough fabric left or not quite enough. There's some other black cotton in the same weight, but a slightly different color.

Spent much of last night watching the prisoner (old version) and finishing off edging on my much-neglected blanket (it was just roughly blanket-stitched before). I am tempted to bind off the jacket edges in white, but this would probably be silly. Am currently on a redo the apartment kick. Replaced most of my old bookshelves with folding ones from Target, offloaded a 2 foot stack of books, redid my windows, slowly cleaning and organizing (with periods of explosion). Past Grace would not have believed you if told her living space would someday be so white, but it makes it look a lot bigger in here. Windows need more decrepit lace, though. Also, most of my decorative items seem to be made of dead animals or shed bits of animals.

Now, fabric is away, before I get tempted to burn myself out on sewing. Time for late dinner and some more ever-so-good-for-me practice sketching. Sore tempted to make mac and cheese. Will probably have tofu and bok choy instead, like a virtuous monster.
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Because it amuses me when [personal profile] matociquala does it:

Words written today: 1555 so far
Total words: 2301
Sustenance: French toast from homemade bread, gratuitous amounts of pseudo-chai with condensed milk/homemade soymilk, spicy fried Spanish rice with feta
Rats sharing lunch: 1x large brown
Research: 18th century servantry, forms of address for English nobility, 18th century chocolate pots, jumps vs stays, origins of the word "passel" (not period, it turns out)
Mean things: Inquisitorial housekeepers
Inking status: Second pass on hunting horror complete, beginning cross-hatching, how the fuck does moonlight work, anyhow?
Laundry: Yes, I am a good kitty. 2x loads in dryer.
Depression: Significant upon awakening, now suppressed to a dull background moan.
Light: 1/2 hour lightbox, reasonably bright sky.

In other news: I am cold. One of the benefits of this apartment is that the building is very old and all the heat comes from a central furnace through steam radiators. The antiquated system means that the landlord has to pay for the heat. The downside of this is that the landlord controlls the thermostat, and there are always a few chilly days in fall and spring when it's not quite cold enough to trip the furnace (in the middle of the building) on, but is cold enough that I'm running about in stockings and a flannel-lined haori. Bright side: it is not yet so cold that I have to break out the orphan gloves.

Here is what the hunting horror looked like before I started inking it. It is very large and I am lazy, so you will have to wait for a new scan. Read more... )
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Mood and productivity are both a bit up after that last dip, which someones happens after a case of the Hacks. I've done quite a bit of drawing over the past few days, and just enough apartment organization to reach "whirlwind" status. I did not attempt to get rid of my couch all by myself, which is good, as it means I didn't hurt myself, but bad, as it means it's still in the way.

Resolution: Wherever I next live, I shall make sure I have some decent, workable studio space. For now, the efficiency is fine, but the next apartment needs to be a one bedroom, or I need to live in a house or house-chunk with some common space I can use to store either art supplies or books, so there's room for a studio on the bedroom. My pieces are getting bigger, and some of the contortions I've been going through are absurd.

Proof of art - big sketch pages )

In other news, it's gotten cold enough that I've closed all the windows, save for the one in the bathroom that's stuck. It's still reasonably sunny, though dark is too early. The lightbox is lovely. The mild caffeine dependency I've developed is not so lovely.

This is weather that causes my inner chipmunk to sit up and demand that I begin hoarding nuts and build a nest for the winter. I have definitely spent more time in my warm flannelly bed than I would have otherwise (with book - I've been on a binge: 2 1/3 Robin Hobb series, 2 old Hambly fantasies, the last of the Alan Campbell, some Sheri Tepper from before she started using a hammer to beat her point home, and most recently, the Magicians and Mrs. Quent. Why haven't I reviewed them? Well, I've been tired, and with depression comes paranoia, lack of originality, and the surety that I'm pissing someone off, somewhere).

A full pantry also appeals. For much of my childhood, I split my time between my grandparents' very middle class house, which was always very well stocked, and my father's house, where I learned to cook out of self defense. I took away from this the certainty that you can make soup out of anything, and a general association between security and a well-stocked larder. The only problem is that I am 1. scatterbrained and 2. my kitchen is a glorified hallway, without even the openness that makes a galley kitchen tolerable. I'm still trying to find the right balance there. But for now, I have all the beans, rice and potatoes I could ever need, and the freezer groans with summer stuff that I will be sorely tempted by come december. The other downside of the inner chipmunk is that if I am not very careful, I will gain 5-20 pounds right quick, and spend all summer trying to make them go away. Winter-grace wants to eat the sugar-fat-starch and not so much the salad.

Battening down for winter is a bit disappointing, given that my brain chemistry never really let me have a proper summer. But, votcha gunna do? *Jagershrug*

Additional notes: I love drawing with blue-pencil. It doesn't smear nearly as badly as graphite, as I have never learned to keep my hand off the paper. But blue-pencil is not really erasable and sticks out under my inking like a sore thumb. I am experimenting with a black Col-erase to see if I can get the non-smudge/erasable combo. So far, so good. Though it doesn't come in mechanical, and I do hate to carry a sharpener.

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