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There are still many, many problems with life, but [profile] sfogarty is here, [profile] moments_away is less sick than she was last week, and the sun is streaming into my apartment. I went to the farmer's market this morning and will be having spinach salads all week. [profile] sfogarty helped me bring back a homemade single-size futon frame and a small nightstand from behind [profile] samadi's apartment building; I get to wash and paint and tighten all the screws in those later. I just put the year's first pot of lecso on the stove.

Some things are still nice.
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The big benefit of sewing for yourself is you know stuff fits. The downside? When your clothes start to go, you can't run to the store and get more. I am on the doorstep of a Bloomers Emergency, so today was a clothes-making day! Let's have some record keeping.

- Disassembled old french knickers for pattern. Sorted into easy and fabric-conservative types. These are essentially Edwardian-style divided skirts, cut on a circle plan, so they take rather a lot of fabric. Calculations are that the easy pattern (4 quarter circles with separate inner legs) takes 60" of 60-wide fabric. The others are split up further and can be laid out like a gored skirt, but take more time.

- Cut and assembled 2 pairs knickers. I want results more than I want to be really conservative, so I cut the easy pattern out of some 60-wide black twill I had on hand. Got the pieces assembled, but there's still a lot of hemming and binding to be done. Enough to make me wonder if it's worthwhile to learn to use the hemmer or binder feet on my sewing machine. And I never machine-sew.

- Cut shell for new jacket. I currently have a winter coat and the Literalist Steampunk Jacket, and that's it. I would like to have something I can wear out in cool but not freezing weather that won't negatively affect service quality at stores and restaurants. The steampunk jacket does not fit the bill. I cut this from what remained of the black twill, and I've not got the sleeves cut yet. They'll require some serious piecing, but I think I can make it look deliberate. There'll be a handful of tiny scraps left at the end for the rats to play in. Used a self-draped princess-seam bodice/shirt/coat pattern (I add more ease, depending). This one has been assembled as part of the draping process, but remains untested. That means potential weirdness down the line.

- Draped new sleeve pattern. I don't have any of my old ones, and they never fit well in the first place. Probably in part because they were enlarged from other patterns. So, I but the bullet and draped one on myself. This is trickier than doing a bodice, since pinning in your own armpit requires quite a lot of contortion. Ended up with something that resembles a 16th cen single-piece pattern. It has weird curves to it, but I made a quickie mockup and indeed, that is what shape I am. I blame fatness. Made another version and converted that to a 2-piece one to have on hand. Will have to do some complicated figuring to decide how to make the jacket sleeves, since I have either just barely enough fabric left or not quite enough. There's some other black cotton in the same weight, but a slightly different color.

Spent much of last night watching the prisoner (old version) and finishing off edging on my much-neglected blanket (it was just roughly blanket-stitched before). I am tempted to bind off the jacket edges in white, but this would probably be silly. Am currently on a redo the apartment kick. Replaced most of my old bookshelves with folding ones from Target, offloaded a 2 foot stack of books, redid my windows, slowly cleaning and organizing (with periods of explosion). Past Grace would not have believed you if told her living space would someday be so white, but it makes it look a lot bigger in here. Windows need more decrepit lace, though. Also, most of my decorative items seem to be made of dead animals or shed bits of animals.

Now, fabric is away, before I get tempted to burn myself out on sewing. Time for late dinner and some more ever-so-good-for-me practice sketching. Sore tempted to make mac and cheese. Will probably have tofu and bok choy instead, like a virtuous monster.


Apr. 11th, 2009 07:44 pm
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Today was the search for a new desk, which took several hours, and ended us up in an Office Depot purchasing a particle board friction desk (tm), which I'd sworn not to do again. However, the wooden desk I had been using was a kids' desk, and tennish hours a day in front of it was killing my back. Now I have to learn to sit like a normal person again. Oh, and I have to put my apartment back together. Going from a 30" desk to a 47" one required some interesting rearranging. It looks like a furniture store exploded in here.

Honestly, buying a desk just feels so wrong. Especially buying one new. I feel like I've broken the scavengers' code. But it's much comfier than the old one!
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Here's some of what I've been doing with my time. In early April, I built a loft bed in my room out of white pine 2x4s and 2x6s. It's extremely rough, but it holds me up, and seems to be sturdy enough. Guerrilla carpentry at its finest. It's been done for a bit, but I had to clear out the area underneath and remove enough sawdust to take photos. As an interesting note, I've made it a rope bed to avoid having to figure out how to fit slats in a way I could take back apart. So far, it's working well. Room's still a mess and the underneath area will eventually be more hospitable.

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Been a loon again, cranky and cynical, and prone to bouts of weeping. I wish I could figure out why. Slept a lot this afternoon, due to a severe headache, so I'm up later than I ought to be. Going to try to do a bit of actual work before sleep, to make up for not doing much earlier in the day. First, however, my new chair:
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