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Consultation with surgeon today. He is adamant that I should not eat anything with -any- fat in until the nebulous time of gallbladder removal. Staff was gently baffled by the idea of lacking insurance.

One of the nurses suggested getting a part time job on top of freelancing to get benefits. I could not even begin to explain to her all the things that were wrong with that concept.
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When I first got my apartment, the building was managed by a very nice, responsible guy by the name of Bill. He'd been running the building for years and eventually got sick of it, so they hired a much less experienced college-age guy who was awkward but still pretty friendly. He did take forever to get minor things accomplished, but was always very earnest about it. Apparently my property management company got sick of the long wait times and fired him. So now my apartment is managed by a guy who runs a different building and is never in. It seems that he decided to change the locks on the storage lockers without bothering to contact anyone or put up any notice at all. I found out about this when I went to try to open my locker. I would not have known had I not called him and oh, he's in Chicago and can't do anything about it and shows no signs of remorse. I'm really glad I'm not heading out on a trip anytime soon!

Feh. I preferred the college kid. He was slow and frazzled, but at least he put up notices when he did stuff and said he was sorry when he screwed up. And at least I could get hold of my lumber.
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One of the things that never makes it into movies about writers or artists: the bookkeeping. I don't just mean keeping track of cash flow and doing taxes, though that's certainly a factor. Bookkeeping for me also includes updating webpages, making forum posts, going through websites for prospective jobs, etc. It's not really un-fun, but it takes up a lot of time and can be weirdly exhausting. Case in point: I just spent roughly an hour and a half answering forum messages, updating Necropolis Studios and minding galleries. If you're not careful, it'll eat your day. The bigger danger, though, is letting it go. Most of the people I've seen, myself included, tend to ignore this aspect until it balls up into a huge mess that needs serious unsnarling. I'm not at the 6 months behind on emails stage that I've seen some people hit, but I don't get much email.

Everything seems to come with an extra "adult" clause. *grumble* Ah, well. It's still way better than a regular job, and I've finally figured out a bit more of the coloring on one of the pics I'm working on. Now, I get a break, and then I get to start the shadow portion of that one.


Nov. 12th, 2009 05:31 pm
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So, when I moved into this apartment, I carefully stored my matboard and cutter in my closet, behind my dresser trunk and everything else. I put the cutting heads into a bag with their blades, so they wouldn't get lost. I currently haven't the faintest idea where that bag is. I've been searching for it all day, and have been through pretty much all parts of the apartment. Without packing up, I'm not sure I can find them.

This causes some real problems for doing a show tomorrow. After all, as much as I hate mat cutting, it's a world less expensive than buying precuts. And most of the pieces I wanted to take aren't standard, either. Even the standard ones want a margin just a tiny bit smaller than the one on a standard mat. There's a Dick Blick five miles from the con, which could provide precuts, but it'd be expensive and the end result would be suboptimal. Argh!

I am trying to decide what to do, now. I may give one more search for the heads, though the only place I can think to look involves moving furniture and a lot of other things. I may be stuck taking old art, which is disappointing. I can see huge numbers of things wrong with all my older pieces, and the brain monkeys are convinced that no one will want to buy them. After all, they've been passed up for this long, no?

[ profile] samadi brought me chocolate, which makes her a goddess. I'm also trying to figure out what I'm going to wear. I could go in everyday stuff, but that's kinda dull, though brightly colored. This is an excuse to wear my victoriana, after all. If only it didn't take so much effort.


- Also, I'm unlikely to be able to finish the Pygmalion. If I'd been able to find the mat cutter and cut everything while there was still daylight, yeah, I probably could have speed painted until I fell over. But there's another big shiny thing what won't be going. I spose I could take it and work on it there. However, it's big and has boobies, and the con crowd, like the SCA, has recently gotten much more "Think of the children!"


Aug. 2nd, 2009 11:41 pm
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Today I made a skirt from start to finish - about four yards of eggplant linen, nearly a full circle. This was possible only by dint of using my machine on the long seams. I feel rather as though this is cheating, but on the other hand - skirt! Still 200+" of hemming, plus pleating, buttons and buttonholes, etc. Fingers are sore now. It's mostly for day to day use, but will made a decent underskirt for event wear as well. More skirts is always better, after all.

I've been doing too little, otherwise. Apartment is tornadoed and some tolerable art remains unfinished (I am still not at a point where I can like anything I make, but at least finishing it would be wise). Was doing okay, but someone important to me has recently been a bit of an ass in a way that remains unresolved, so that's pretty much torpedoed the productivity. Cryptic Grace is cryptic. I've been reading a lot of books, so as to pretend everything is ok.

Finished the Gormenghast trilogy tonight. I'd heretofore only ever read the first book. The second is equally impenetrable, and the third is outright surrealism, with minimal continuity (Titus is in it, and some things happen to him. The significance of these things is anybody's guess.) Also read Inventing the Victorians, which is lovely (telegraph spam!) and have been craving some of [ profile] barbara_hambly's older stuff (the Antryg stuff and the Sun Wolf books are both childhood favorites). Of course, I have exactly two books of this, and neither are in the same series. I used to have more, but a move ate them sometime along the way. There may need to be a bookstore trip.

The CSA has finally begun to get going, though it seems to be a bad year or a less generous farm. I remember being buried alive in green beans by this time last year, and the spoils just aren't as good, even if last Friday did yield a mighty borscht. Also, I need to give in and eat some more salad before the lettuce colonizes my refrigerator. Broke down a couple of weeks back and bought some regular yeast for days when I feel lazy or haven't planned properly. Bread in a mere two hours seems almost like cheating now.

Haven't managed to put the rest of the stripes on the Bumblebee Dress. I need to dig out the yellow linen again, and I'm not sure where I put it, or the remainder of my giant Ebay thread collection. There are far too many projects in progress! I've figured out how to get more wear out of my combat boots, as well. I wear them all crooked, and cutting them even again with my coping saw takes a long time, but it keeps me from turning my ankles.

Must make more things before the summer is out. Winter will turn me into a ball of useless once more, and I want to have gotten enough done before it comes. Argh!
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We've cancelled our star-crossed AT&T account, so the landline for the Necroplex is no longer operational. Use my cell number or email to contact me instead. If you'd like to have my cell number, comment below and I'll make a locked post just for you.

In other news, I think you were right, Andrew - the little laptop did it again with a different OS. I think that harddrive is toast.
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Today has been a day of interesting sewing accidents. I'm putting together a quickie underbust corset, so that when I have back aches from bad posture, I don't have to fiddle with my bra, as I would with an overbust. Underbusts are easy to fit. I grabbed a chunk of purple poly/cotton twil that'd been sitting around in my fabric stash from making garb for someone else ages ago, and set to ironing it out flat for cutting.

Now, it should be noted that I've recently given up steam irons. This is because I am too incompetent to use them properly - I always under or over fill, and end up slopping water on something before I'm done. I currently have a very small travel iron that appears to be about 50 years old, which I got from Habitat for Humanity for about three dollars. It's old enough that the only synthetic it has a setting for is rayon.

Because I'm not using an iron with built in steam, I've taken to using a spray bottle instead. I laid out my fabric on the table, heated up the iron, and gave the cloth a spritz. Which smelled surprisingly swimming pool like. This should have been a clue, but I continued, and spritzed about half the length before I realized that this was not the iron bottle. This was a cleaning bottle with 50% bleach solution in it. My purple fabric is now speckled with pretty pink spots. Fortunately, this is no disaster, because this is a utility corset, and the effect is still reasonably attractive. So I went ahead and spritzed the rest of the length, let it dry and the spots finish developing, etc.

On to stage two. With the correct bottle, I set to ironing. However, things seemed weirdly sticky. Ah, of course. When I got the fabric out, it was very crisp, rather like the finish from the fabric store was still on it (they put various treatments on fabric at the store, which is why some things that can be washed are dry clean only - you'll wash out the finish). Since it was going to be a corset, I didn't bother washing it - corsets rarely get laundered, and never in the machine. Normally, if it's a garment that'll go in the machine, I wash it on the hottest setting I can. The theory is that nothing worse will happen to it ever again. Of course, this fabric has to be one with a size that dissolves when moistened and heated, rather than with soap and soaking. Eventually I got the fabric laundered, but I've had to clean the iron twice.

All the chunks are now together, and awaiting seam pressing. Then I'll get to dig out my grommets, run to the store for a zipper, and put the boning in. I'm still undecided whether I'm going to go with zip ties or cord, however. Both have their merits (this corset is going to be far too humble for steel - corselette might be a better term).


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