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It's been ages since I did one of these. Basically, I got behind, and felt like I couldn't review any until I'd cleared the backlog, which just kept on growing. So, today I'm saying "screw the backlog" and also ignoring the general rule that these need to be "new" authors. Robin Hobb is new to me, though the books themselves have been around since the mid 90s. I read part of one once at the library on break, but never managed to finish the series.

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One of the backlog. I'd do more, but my hands are being little bastards, so the others must wait. Read more... )
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Reviewing because I just read it, and I have something like a three book backlog on reviews. Argh. Clearly I need to do this right after I finish em.

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So, in light of last night's rambling book review, I think I'm going to make a template for future ones. If there's anything you think I ought to include as a header, please let me know.

[Edit - Because I've been asked: Yes, you may use and modify this on your own to your heart's content.]

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But it's not always a fun one. I've decided I probably have a professional obligation to read the stuff that's being marketed as steampunk at the moment. So, I picked up Affinity Bridge at the local library. This was an unfortunate choice. And the people I talk to the most often have already heard me complain about it, so now it's your turn!

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There's no art today, because I'm not as fast during the week as on the weekend, and I want to put all the studies from the same model together. I'm quite tired of drawing necks, but there are lots more to go. Once I get through a few models' worth of variations on the female neck and shoulders, I get to start on men. Wheeeeee.

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