Aug. 28th, 2012 08:13 pm
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Am very much enjoying having an apartment big enough for dance.

Also, allowing myself to feel like I have cheated on something inconsequential seems to be an important brain hack. "Getting" to dance instead of do step made moving about way more appealing.

Now I just have to eat something. Food is hard.
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1. I have historically used stepmania for some exercise, but a hot summer and malfunctioning dance pad got me out of it. Last night I performed dance pad surgery and learned that : a. this is incredibly primitive technology. b. my dance pad is horribly put together. c. it is a miracle that this pad was working at all, since one layer of sensor film had actually shredded away from the side of the pad, torn through one button, and crumpled towards the middle. Scissors and a quarter of a roll of packing tape later, it works, except that one button, which I wasn't using.

2. I woke up this morning after a night of icky dreams and anxiety, stumbled to my computer, and was informed that [profile] moments_away was bringing me breakfast. After that, we actually used the dance pad. This was a good thing.

3. My new webcam is here, so I can talk to [profile] sfogarty without using either the old one that logitech no longer has drivers for or the fuzzy one that comes with the EEE. This is important, as my headset died before I moved.

4. I am teaching myself to eat more vegetables by leaving a marinated salad in the fridge. This is a happy thing, but it means I'm hungry a lot more often.

5. A. Accomplishment: assembling the metal shelving in the closet, putting some stuff on it, shoring up the makeshift shelving left by previous tenant, discovering that you can buy those plastic sleeve things for the shelves at Menards. B. Dubious accomplishment: feeling crappy and aimless, deciding to see if I really can grind coffee beans in my mortar and pestle. I could just go down the hall and borrow a grinder from [profile] moments_away, but this is for Science! Thus far, qualified yes; I have reached french press grind with relatively little effort and it's taking my mind of my headache. Can I get to moka pot? Only time will tell.

PS: Remus-rat has discovered that he can become very, very flat and slip through the inch and a half space at the top of the cage door. I need a better clip for this.

PSS: Romulus-rat would like to do this, but he is too fat.
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This is mostly for my record keeping. Having had the dance pad for about two and a half weeks nowRead more... )
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Well, it's January, and while the ungodly cold weather has brought the sun back, I'm beginning to feel the loss of the happiness stores pretty keenly.Read more... )


Nov. 25th, 2008 02:38 pm
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Been quite busy, what with assisting a friend whose landlord chose not to pay her mortgage in looking for a place, then having visitors. My apartment is in dire need of a cleaning, since I had to skip last week. But, before that, I have to get Work done, so that I can pay for the apartment in the first place.

Of course, I started out this morning with bad dreams, a sore back, and a mild case of depression (it is late November, after all). Since I've been listless and slow, I decided to do a few situps, because something needed to fill the time. And then, despite my terrible physical condition, there were endorphins. Situps - good for more than just misery - who knew? I may, weirdly enough, be exercising to get through today.

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