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1. Surgeon is definitely overcautious. I can eat around 2 to 3 grams of fat per meal without any issues whatsoever. This still keeps me from actually eating almost any prepared food, but makes things suck a little less.

2. Kava kava is a fail for me. Does not reduce anxiety, has bonus of making me woozy and sick.

3. The weather is fantastic and I want to frolic in it forever. I might, however, need to place a new Sock Dreams order.

4. Serious self worth problems of late. Attempting to fix them via ripping apart my closet and throwing a lot of stuff away. Am avoiding thinking about the enormous amount of work I have queued for next week.

5. Have eaten more cocoa krispies than appropriate. Send milk.
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A significant majority of my posts lately have required the stupid dalek icon. I wonder what that says about me. Today's foolishness involves the fact that I apparently don't know how to put on a bra.

cut for boob talk )

In news unrelated to the enormity of my chest, apples stewed in OJ, molasses and honey are really, really delicious. Omnomnom.
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It's time to stop playing Torchlight 2 for a few hours and actually get something done. I am dubious that this is possible.

Nevertheless, I did laundry and it's cold and not going to get significantly better in the next month. That means it's wintertime clothing assessment day, in which I look at how things fit, wonder what past Grace was thinking, and swear at my body shape.

Let the triage begin!
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So I ordered the lovely Freya Lyla recently and while it fits nicely, it also produces back pain very quickly. If there's anyone on this journal who's a 36FF (US 36H or ribcage about 36, bust 48-50ish), I've put up a reduced price auction for it here.

(end shill)

Paperwork's up in the air still, but I might be moving in about a month. So that's exciting.
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My computer finally gets here tomorrow! *crosses fingers* I hereby promise not to break open the box and try to assemble it as soon as it arrives.

It has finally gotten quite cold, in that "yes, it is winter now," sort of way, instead of the possibly autumn way that we have been experiencing. It is not yet quite cold enough for the radiators to be going in my building so I type this in orphan gloves and a shawl, with the space heater on. I am glad for yesterday's craft day at [profile] ladydrake's, where I revamped much of my red twill skirt. Now it needs only buttons and buttonholes (so much work!)

In a fit of unnecessary money-related twitchiness, I bought a lot of lentils, tomatoes and potatoes. They are very cheap and will keep me fed for weeks if need be.

Went shopping with [profile] moments_away today, which did not go as nicely as hoped. It seems that the Catherine's location on Bluemound Road has one staff member (possibly the manager) who does not believe that boy-shaped people get to use the dressing room, even if they are accompanied by ciswomen. She was also unwilling to allow us to use the bathroom for try-ons, so we left. The other staff member did not seem to object, as we were being polite and quiet, but so it goes. I suspect that there would have been little to no problem with a guy going in to help zip or button up a girlfriend. Fortunately, Goodwill does not give a damn, so the excursion was rescued.

Next weekend: Mitsuwa and new ratbabies.

Now, I fix some problems and send work back to an editor, and see if I can get some fiction cleaned up for an open call that's coming due. Possibly rework some old article rejects for rights sale. Tomorrow, if all goes well, I get to spend the evening playing with my tablet. Odds of all going well on assembling a new comp are laughably small, but I shall try nonetheless.
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And I have half my writing quota left to do, plus a strong urge to say "meh, screw it," and work on art or sewing. This afternoon I did in fact say so, and went shopping instead. I am loathe to do this for things other than materials or household needs, but there were Concerns.

See, my much-beloved messenger bag is finally biting the dust. The strap wore through several weeks ago and I've been using the bag a big knot tied in the remnants to keep it on my shoulder. But it's starting to go in another spot, too, and was about halfway through. Normally I'd just pull off the strap, go get some cotton webbing at Jo-Ann's and voila! new strap. However, the bottom seam's starting to go, the edges are wearing through on all the pockets and the whole bag smells faintly....weird.

This is enough bad factors to get me into the car and out to the Milwaukee army surplus. Unlike Champaign Surplus, which is a camping store with very expensive military stuff tacked on, this one is the real deal, complete with weird murky odors and proprietors who look like they suspect [profile] samadi and I are secret Commies. New messenger bag was thus $10. This one has fewer pockets, but more space. I was specifically shopping for something that'd hold a fat 9x12 sketchbook comfortably, increasing the changes of my being Art Equipped wherever I went. It also has enough pockets for the phone, music device, wallet and checkbook, which is all that I really require. See! the amazing canvas bag. )

While out, we also went department store diving. I have a bit of twitch whenever I go into one, from what felt like eternities of school shopping when I was a kid. However, I now control the car, so when I get bored, I can just go home. Mwahaha! I am drunk with power.

I now have 3 relatively nice reeeeeeeallly stretchy T-shirts from Kohl's, for a touch over $15 total. This I can live with, even if they're not quite as good as the used one I have in the same brand (which I want clones of, oh my.) Peculiarly, I seem to be a medium, of all things. In what world am I a medium? I have sixteen inch biceps. Colors are weird this year, so I ended up being fairly drab. The alternative is a range of shades that turn me bright pink and make me look feverish.

Food continues weird. We have now reached the point where it doesn't taste bad and the idea is not nauseating, but things remain peculiarly unappealing. If I don't keep an eye on eating, I forget about it and end up headachey and slug brained, unable to figure out what has happened to me. Current calorie count for the day: 1000ish. Body, you are going on notice. I had a half bowl of gnocchi for lunch. It tasted good, but I got bored about 2/3 of the way full and had to make a point of finishing it. I am torn between being concerned and an old and evil delight that for once I have the ability to not eat. Weight is, of course, up. Working to hit that second urge with a hammer.

Anyway, I'm off. Virtuous Grace will make dinner and do her work. Non-virtuous Grace will eye the kitchen warily and spend the night sewing. Which will it be?
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I'm once again gently purging my things (big purges are no longer possible without giving up whole hobbies, which requires some thought) and am getting rid of some clothes. Specifically, my SCA court dress, which I never wear, and a number of new bras from various sale orders that didn't work out. Clothes under here )
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Don't panic, though! By "I cut my hair," I mean that I have two small sections right at the front that are now cut to about two inches below my chin. They're my antennae, and are part of my experiment to try to look a little less schoolmarm/ultraconservative than I usually do. If I were a thinner person, it might be easier to pull it off, but the effect of my hair pulled back flat isn't all that great. Since I hate modern haircuts, I have been dwelling on this for a while. Currently, it's a bit weird - i haven't had hair near my face for years.

Also bought several new shirts (Goodwill, yay) since I realized that whether I wanted to or not, I could not participate in Boobquake without getting out my garb. I didn't own a single piece of everyday wear cut below the collarbone. Pleasant discovery - wide V-necklines make my face look thinner. Who'dathunk? I was actually shopping for scoop-necks, but once again, I'm well out of step with fashion. Those seem to be extinct, crowded out by crewnecks and V-necks. The ones that did exist were attached to unfortunate ruffly things, which are a bad choice in Grace-world.

And I have a new tub of hair bleach, as well, and may renew my purple streak. Apparently I'm going through a femme phase? It's a bit weird, but not terribly unpleasant. This coincides with a bout of tearing my apartment apart to try to organize it. Go team estrogen, it seems.

...I don't have a happy or busy icon. Interesting.
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As some of you may know, Januaryish is when [ profile] samadi and I go on our annual bra quest.Cut for issues of the busty type )
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Why no, I don't want to get work done today. That's why I'm going to talk to LJ instead.
Woke up early enough (8 am is now part of mood maintenance) today, to a grey and horrible sky and the neighboring building's dusk to dawn lights on. Had been having wretched dreams, so out of bed was good. However, I started out blah and eye-leaky, so heavy kitten video medication was required. I also didn't get around to eating breakfast for a while.

In which I ramble about food and sugar drops for a while )
In other news, I'm in the midst of a full website redesign that's crawling along sadly. I'm still trying to teach myself a lot of basic web coding that I ought to have known ages ago. If I succeed, I'll have a cutting edge website of...oh, 2000, 2002 at least. This also means that a lot of the picture links in back entries are going to be broken, because I really need to restructure. So, if there's something missing, that was my fault. Let me know what you wanted to see, and I'll fix the link. I am not going back through my entire LJ history to fix this, though.

Also, for the first time in years, I am the owner of a pair of pants. Horribly garish, bright pants in a color somewhere between canteloupe and salmon. But they're salwar (also known as Miracale Pants - you put them on, and miraculously they're pants), so they don't really count against my anti-trouser campaign. I intend to wear them with a green kameez (tunic).

And now: back to how to take care of your dog.
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Bar of accidentally purchased Zote (laundry soap) converted to liquid
Beige silk mordanted (alum)
Light yellow wool mordanted (also alum)
Fabric layouts for Griffin's Needle in October finished (white linen, mushroom linen, silk)
Many reference images for above collected
Cloth hose pattern created
1 pair electric grape wool flannel hose made and finished
Gored skirt pattern made
1880s bodice pattern revised
Revision tested (in progress)
Red twill and orange silk for winter skirts washed and shrunk

additional sewing and reenactment related maunderings )
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I have a black 24/26 ribbed sweater, non-fuzzy, pretty heavy. It's always been a little big on me, but these days it's ridiculous (I'm probably an 18/20 on top right now?) If anyone wants it, you can have it for shipping (or you can come get it). Otherwise, it'll go in the donation box near the supermarket.
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I'm thinking about making a haori sort of thing. Some kind of big, lined, rectangular-construction robe that'll fit on top of everything, no matter what I'm wearing. Today I dyed some greyish purple flannel more of a light plum/dark mauve, and I was intending to use my remaining Dylon to turn some of my mushroom colored linen sage for the shell.
However, while looking for the linen, I found a bunch of black twill I hadn't remembered I had, as well as a maroon flat sheet. Hmm. Goth haori? On the way, I also dug up a miscellaneous bin, in which I'd packed my spare air mattress pump (wish I'd remembered that before buying a new one), a bunch of leather, some videos, pigeon wings, and winter clothing.

Apparently it takes me all of three months to completely forget I own winter clothing. It's like my birthday. My apartment is giving me presents! The Cruxshadows agree with me.

Now I must make chubby woman in haori sketches to figure out what will be used for what purpose. The black and red could also easily go into some more skirts, since my black ones are getting quite ragged and I could use a nice one. Or I could make a purple and green something else.
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The failing of the light is starting to get to me. Motivation is slipping, and I'm not prone to post much. The real evil, of course, is that it's not even getting cooler, despite getting dark at 7. I demand that we reboot October and get it right the next time.

Since I've been terribly unmotivated, I've needed to fall back on a system of bribery to get work done. That's right, folks - my work ethic is based on graft. Though, in this case, the illegitimate gains needed to make me work are ten minutes of video gaming in exchange for a paragraph, or a session spent researching period gowns in exchange for getting base color down on an illustration. Or, this Livejournal entry.

Unrelated discovery. While I was living out of a bag, and all my clothes were packed, I had to do laundry about every five days. Now I have more clothes. I think I liked it the other way. Might be time for yet another purge, which will once again cause all the more mainstream folks to look at me oddly. At least, that was the result of my thinking ownership of five pairs of shoes to be ridiculously decadent on my part. I think that broadcloth skirts might be repurposed into linings for other garments.

Had insomnia last night, due to a bout of anxiety over some totally sane (and relatively low) prices I'd sent a client. I need to teach my subconscious that I am allowed to charge fair rates. Keeping me up till 5 am is not an acceptable response. This fact might explain why this entry lacks coherence somewhat.

Anyhow, off to the word mines.

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