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By which I mean I backed the Kickstarter for Ursula Vernon's Summer in Orcus (a thing I read half of when it was updating in serial format and then wandered off cause everything was on fire). It is supposed to arrive in October or so, which will be pleasant. By then the Grey Time will be coming upon us and I may need pleasant reading.

I am also enjoying a lower-pain evening - sitting up in my desk chair (still at a makeshift tv-tray desk), messing about with the apartment and everything! We are still in for another week of doom-heat, but not quite so bad, and hopefully things will eventually stop being on fire. For the moment, things don't suck and my brain isn't even trying to convince me that they do.
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Cause yesterday was... not awful, because I have new standards for awful, but not good. Today is also not fantastic in the pain and mood departments, but the function level is up! I've laundried, bulk cooked, done some work, etc. So that is nice at least.

Took a "what state should you live in?" meme-test. It believes that I should live in Maine, but sort of skipped those important questions like "do you need to live somewhere that the neighbors aren't hostile to you and yours?"

(I don't actually expect it to do so, but I was nevertheless reminded of when my more normative/passing friends talk about living in NC/Arizona/rural anywhere "because it's affordable.") I'd love to, miss the woods something fierce. Let me know when the politics clear up.

In other location-related news: getting things out of the closet in Seattle has about a 300% spiders increase over Milwaukee. Thankfully, I am not bothered by such (wolf spiders, mostly, though we have a variety!) Also I escorted a slug out of the bathroom today. I have no idea how he got in there.
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So, today I actually got my painting work done and it didn't take till it was time to go to bed. I should be doing other work in this time, but the relief of not having to keep slogging is enormous. We will see if I can bribe the executive function monster to let me do more than absolutely required.

In body news, I am not feeling horrible today! I hope that this decides to become a trend, because I have things to do. There's a winter coat to take apart for patterns, a murphy desk to build, bed risers to build, things to unpack, a desktop to set up, etc. This thing where I can only do like 1/3 of what I used to be able to is really getting in the way.

And sewing. Wow I really miss sewing.
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Late (a bit too late) last night I finished up my current big commission, and that client wasn't likely to pay the invoice for the next one till this evening. Thus, I had the day to do things that weren't painting-for-money.

I had hoped that I would get to do some sketching or speed drills (I don't want to do speed drills, but good god am I slow...). Unfortunately, today turns out to have been eaten up by admin work and attempting to wrangle social media. My god is social media exhausting, even though I barely post, post almost nothing but artwork, and barely interact. And now it looks like a lot of the people I wish to read are attempting a migration to Mastodon, which is just baffling as a service.

If you are wondering, dear reader, Dreamwidth doesn't really count. It's not quite social media as we've come to understand it, and the pace on my feed is very much slower. Also, the risk of accidentally getting picked up in a site search by hateful minions is much, much smaller.

I may still manage some sketching tonight if I can force productivity rather than mindless video games. And thus far today, I've:

- done all the appropriate repetitive steps to get old art into postable format
- reactivated my Etsy store and put up all the art from the past few months
- made (unfortunately ambiguous) post on Twitter announcing same
- made post on Tumblr, DA, etc announcing same (different formatting concerns!)
- reformatted most recent commission and sent print file to client
- invoiced said commission plus deposit for next one
- performed job opportunity search for girlfriends
- collated said opportunities into emails
- stared at Mastodon, willing it to make sense

Which all feels like it ought to have taken like, an hour or two. But lo, it was more like five or six.

Also today: Meredy made me really good fried potatoes, it has rained in a really pleasant-sounding way all day, and my extremities are attacking.

Considering renaming this account and going pseudonymous again, since it's about 10-15 years too late to be an effective place to show off art.
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Instead I played video games for a period of time in excess of 16 hours. After which I got very angry at my room for still being a mess, my furniture for being in the way of unpacking, and my body for being broken in so many ways. And now my bed is on the other side of the room where it should be and I can start trying to figure out where things go.

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Generalized pain level is pretty damned high today, so I write this in lieu of a real post.


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