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So, the number of things I did today? That was actually too many things. Sadly, it was just getting up at 7:30, letting the plumber in, walking through a grocery store, briefly being in a Barnes & Noble, eating at a restaurant, taking Mere to the beach, and driving back. But I'm kinda wrecked and I'm definitely not getting any work done today.

In good news, we should no longer have a sump pump spraying water under our apartment!
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Okayyy, so today was a challenge! 90 degree weather is no one's friend and I am currently real happy to live in a little hole in the ground. I actually did not feel as bad as I might have, though the roomies were both knocked pretty flat (they also get weather migraines, but they don't have meds for 'em).

I've just been a bit crazy and sort of wound, which isn't the best when you can't actually move around much. At one point I just went in a circle in the living room, before I scuttled back here cause it was too hot out there. This did, however, lead to productivity.

I managed to do a reasonably detailed sketch from scratch, including lots of reference gathering, and wrote a 325 word article that netted me $16. Got a real live standing-up shower, which did wipe me out but was possible. Moved a few boxes around for more floor space, took five whole steps without the walker, checked CL on M's behalf for jobs, tried to research fat-friendly PCPs and then gave up again, and did some impromptu career-planning with L. Now I am winding down, cause there's a plumber due at 8:30 am and that is not a time in which I am usually conscious.
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Late (a bit too late) last night I finished up my current big commission, and that client wasn't likely to pay the invoice for the next one till this evening. Thus, I had the day to do things that weren't painting-for-money.

I had hoped that I would get to do some sketching or speed drills (I don't want to do speed drills, but good god am I slow...). Unfortunately, today turns out to have been eaten up by admin work and attempting to wrangle social media. My god is social media exhausting, even though I barely post, post almost nothing but artwork, and barely interact. And now it looks like a lot of the people I wish to read are attempting a migration to Mastodon, which is just baffling as a service.

If you are wondering, dear reader, Dreamwidth doesn't really count. It's not quite social media as we've come to understand it, and the pace on my feed is very much slower. Also, the risk of accidentally getting picked up in a site search by hateful minions is much, much smaller.

I may still manage some sketching tonight if I can force productivity rather than mindless video games. And thus far today, I've:

- done all the appropriate repetitive steps to get old art into postable format
- reactivated my Etsy store and put up all the art from the past few months
- made (unfortunately ambiguous) post on Twitter announcing same
- made post on Tumblr, DA, etc announcing same (different formatting concerns!)
- reformatted most recent commission and sent print file to client
- invoiced said commission plus deposit for next one
- performed job opportunity search for girlfriends
- collated said opportunities into emails
- stared at Mastodon, willing it to make sense

Which all feels like it ought to have taken like, an hour or two. But lo, it was more like five or six.

Also today: Meredy made me really good fried potatoes, it has rained in a really pleasant-sounding way all day, and my extremities are attacking.

Considering renaming this account and going pseudonymous again, since it's about 10-15 years too late to be an effective place to show off art.
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Five things are meant to make a post, so here are five:

1. I am posting here because I need and intend to do necessary self-promo work for art on a daily basis. However, I also have social anxiety to the point that even posting to Twitter makes me do things like cry and hyperventilate a bit. Dreamwidth feels less like a fishbowl and more like a friendly void. I never had many followers and likely even fewer folks check in these days. This is practice.

2. Since I last posted here there have been many things, but one of the most relevant is probably developing chronic daily migraines in about fall 2015, and getting diagnosed with fibromyalgia Feb. 2017. It is nice to have some degree of treatment for the former, and for the latter to be an explanation for my increasingly frequent bouts of exhaustion and random pain over the years. Reader, I have been ill.

3. In an attempt to escape the weather-based components of the afore-mentioned illnesses, I moved Seattle-ward at the beginning of May. I spent 20 years in the midwest and I miss all of you. The west coast is weird and I am not entirely certain I believe in it yet. This may be improved when I can get out of the house.

4. Almost immediately after getting moved in, I stumbled walking down two tiny porch steps (not even mine) while looking for our mailbox (turns out to be hidden down a weird alleyway and attached to an entirely different building). I promptly broke my ankle. Thankfully, I'd signed up for Medicaid a couple days before. But I haven't been able to leave the house without great effort and significant assistance since then. My girlfriends were kind enough to build my bed for me, but I still can't unpack. So there's a whole summertime PNW out there, but I'm actually just in this basement right now. It's a nice basement, but somewhat full of frustration at the moment.

5. I live right next to the local community garden, and you bet I'm going to go out there and work when I'm finally allowed to walk again. It is so very pretty.
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On meds attempt number two and beginning to despair for a number of reasons I won't enumerate here because I don't have them completely figured out. Getting about 4 to 6 hours of actual sleep per night is further complicating the attempt to actually do that. I am tempted to give up and go back to relying on exercise and coffee.

I have, however, been doing more things than I usually manage in October. One of them was going to the Griffin's Needle 24-hour costuming event in Madison. Here )are some photos of me being very tired and sewing things.
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Somehow it has become October without my consent. I am not entirely sure how this happened. This means that it is time to get out the Searing Blue Light of Functionality. Honestly, I should have had it out weeks ago, but it's been hectic.

Went to other doctors to try to manage my crazy. Left with Effexor prescription and without several vials of blood. The former was a very bad idea; let us simply say that Effexor is not for me, and that I am very happy to be able to stand up properly again and relax my muscles. If any of you guys do not have horrible issues with this med and happen to use the 75mg generic capsule, you should give me a poke. I will not be putting it in my body again.

Unfortunately, the person who gave it to me is not getting back in contact, which is very frustrating. I feel that she ought to at least be notified that I'm not on it anymore, and also I would like her to please suggest something else. I seem to have tremendously bad luck with brain meds.

In a fit of unnecessary optimism, I paid my entire estimated tax burden at once this year. Technically, I could wait until December to pay off a quarter of it, which is what I ought to have done. Now juggling work and bank transfers to make up for the foolishness of Past Grace.

Fat free diet has me literally dreaming about doughnuts and pizza, specifically about being surrounded by them at social gatherings and not being able to eat anything. That said, I have managed to find a reasonable number of tasty things over the course of the last month. I am just disappointed by being unable to butter them.

I also have two small new fuzzbutts around the house. The local humane shelter got 18! ratbabies in and I took home a pair of the most social boys. They are as yet unnamed but are Very Excited by everything.

Now back to writing cookbook introductions. This has been your "I don't want to work" interlude.
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1. Surgeon is definitely overcautious. I can eat around 2 to 3 grams of fat per meal without any issues whatsoever. This still keeps me from actually eating almost any prepared food, but makes things suck a little less.

2. Kava kava is a fail for me. Does not reduce anxiety, has bonus of making me woozy and sick.

3. The weather is fantastic and I want to frolic in it forever. I might, however, need to place a new Sock Dreams order.

4. Serious self worth problems of late. Attempting to fix them via ripping apart my closet and throwing a lot of stuff away. Am avoiding thinking about the enormous amount of work I have queued for next week.

5. Have eaten more cocoa krispies than appropriate. Send milk.
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Consultation with surgeon today. He is adamant that I should not eat anything with -any- fat in until the nebulous time of gallbladder removal. Staff was gently baffled by the idea of lacking insurance.

One of the nurses suggested getting a part time job on top of freelancing to get benefits. I could not even begin to explain to her all the things that were wrong with that concept.
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Here's another one in the prayer card project. This one is Dionysus, the pretty version that you see in later descriptions rather than the beardy one that shows up in most paintings. Untold hours, MyPaint and GIMP. Read more... )

In other news, I'm going on a road trip back to the east coast to see the family soon. Trying not to let nervousness eat my whole head. Food monitoring has gone completely south, so I have declared this a week of Mandatory Salad. Eat whatever you want, just have a salad first. Otherwise I might try to live on jelly beans and toast.

Today is a No Real Work Day, since I have not actually had one of those in some time. I am staying in my actual bedroom and not going near the desk. I am allowed to draw things that aren't related to any ongoing commissions and to write things that aren't directly related to normal jobbitude. It's not quite a proper day off, but I don't seem to be managing that right now. Later, possibly walks, but I think I shall avoid driving.
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So there's two reasons I might not be updating in the winter. One is that I'm doing so badly I can't remember words and the other is that I'm doing surprisingly well and have my hands full with that. This year it is the other one, she says for the edification of future Grace.

In fact, the past few days have involved a workday well over quota (to make up for several under quota and the need to get on airplanes, but nevertheless,) a full kitchen clean, building a shelf in the kitchen out of miscellaneous scrap, putting my sofa up on legs, cleaning up some of the apartment flotsam and doing my laundry when I didn't strictly have to. Dunno what's going on, but I'll take it.

Things not done: fiction writing, as much extra quota as I really should be doing, fridge cleaning, backlogged personal and gift art. So it's not like I'm completely responsible.

In other news, I will be getting on an airplane (aargh) to go to San Antonio (aargh) over Thanksgiving (argleargh) to go see Seth (yay!) who supposedly has all the sunlight and warmth these days (additional yay, but not apparently at any time except during winter (argh)). This happens Tuesday and I am trying to juggle all the appropriate kittens to make sure that I get on my bus on time (I fear public trans for a number of silly reasons) and don't get attacked by the TSA (hello mandatory patdown).

I'm also drinking a -lot- of coffee this year. Hopefully the springtime wean won't suck too badly.

Today, cleaning horrible rat cage, finishing the dishes, cutting out a sewing project the TSA won't confiscate, filling my mp3 player and making sure that I have both a phone and a charged battery. Also lots of cooking and freezing to prevent new life from growing in my fridge while I'm gone.

I think I might finally like my apartment.
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for my own records )
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I got tired early last night and crashed by about 11, apparently doing a really poor job of closing the rat cage. About an hour later, I woke to the distinctive sound of a rodent trying to eat my bed. Midnight rat chase ended up scaring rat seriously, and I now have several really exciting holes in my hand (not really bleeding anymore, mostly just sore, etc, but the mess was impressive.) Eventually I got everything cleaned up and went back to sleep.

At 4:30 am, my girlfriend butt-dialed me. Twice.

Typing is an adventure today, but at least it's possible. Drawing is probably right out, unless I'm like Yuko from Johnny Wander and suddenly develop Secret Left Hand Powers.
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She'd better appreciate them:

Scrub sink
Old dough to flatbread
Zucchini chopped and cooked
Large batch falafel made for when Future Grace is too hot to cook
Iced coffee made, ditto
All remaining coffee beans ground (by hand, cause I'm silly like that)
Oven burner cleaned/repaired using only cellphone flashlight and a crochet hook (that sucked)
Blueberry muffins!
Excess yogurt in freezer
Plants repotted
Floors swept
Lingering bills paid

True, some of this activity has been cat-waxing. I'm in a frustrating stage on this commission and I donwanna.

Nevertheless, painting awaits.
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Wherein I believe it's not -really- art and that it should take no time at all. Given that 1. flatting is a major part of what process I do currently have and 2. I just spent about 10 hours on it, these are not good things to think.

Flat values established. Now, let's see. How does one do lighting again?
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There are still many, many problems with life, but [profile] sfogarty is here, [profile] moments_away is less sick than she was last week, and the sun is streaming into my apartment. I went to the farmer's market this morning and will be having spinach salads all week. [profile] sfogarty helped me bring back a homemade single-size futon frame and a small nightstand from behind [profile] samadi's apartment building; I get to wash and paint and tighten all the screws in those later. I just put the year's first pot of lecso on the stove.

Some things are still nice.
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But man, I hate illustration contracts.

In other news, I have a basil plant on my window sill, I am about 1/6th of the way to having a new bed frame (I seem to redesign mine every year or so) and I got done with writing early today. I had a lovely walk down by the lake and watched the ducks chase one another about loquaciously. I am being a horrible flake about what I want out my living situation long-term; my inner hobbit demands property and garden space, but my apartment is lovely and I <3 downtown.

I now have no idea what to do with myself. Maybe I'll bake muffins.

Friday, [profile] sfogarty is going to be in town. Hurrah!
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Just had awkward conversation with building manager about politics, move-out date and cleaning requirements in the middle of attempting to syringe-feed a deathly-ill rat and after a night of poor sleep and unwell girlfriend. Felt my internal anxiety meter -tick- that last notch to full as soon as I say back down. I'm managing externally calm, but I am so flipping out right now. The cleaning is a horrible worry of mine and the paper I have been given suggests that I am responsible not only for my own considerable mess but for the cleaning failures of the past umpteen residents. Seriously - "dust and wipe down the radiators?" The radiator has gone unpainted for decades and has sediment in it. My irrational desire to build a fort and hide in it - rising.

Times such as this make me very, very glad that I don't have a regular job. They handle stress fits poorly at those. If my responsibilities were not so few, I think I'd be darned well useless. ^_^;
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1. I am very tired. I blame this in part on moving stress, in part on the greyness, and in part on how bad my sleep has been lately. No insomnia, no nightmares, but plenty of stress dreams. Also a bit on frustration at several difficult to alter situations that are rather important, and at people treating my friends badly.

2. My rat is sick. Vanya has been losing weight and seeming anti-social for a while, but I thought it was because Petya was routinely bullying him and the Romans kept stealing his food. Fighting started early last night and Vanya got moved to his very own cage. When I woke up this morning, he was lethargic, hadn't eaten and didn't object to me picking him up. One vet visit later, I have the standard cocktail of Baytril and Doxycycline, which he's to get 2x day for the next two weeks. I hope that it works; sick rats tend to improve significantly or go downhill fast, with little to no middle ground.

3. I did no real work today. It really seems as though I ought to feel guiltier about that, but see #s 1 and 2. Also, I did just finish a giant job last night and am something like 3/4 of a week ahead, reduced slightly after rat expenditure. Hopefully I will perk up a bit this evening. There are light bulbs to change out, floors to scrub, dishes to stuff in boxes. M minus 4 days.

4. Sweater coat is well underway. I've managed to get the skirt lining 1/3 finished, which sounds less impressive than it is. This coat will have a double-circle skirt and all the pieces are hand-hemmed, then whipped together, because the fabric in that construction fails before the stitches do and I want this thing to last forever. Am terribly afraid that my aesthetic sense is going to demand the chevron pattern on the outside. It would look lovely, but take a gazillion years. Will post design drawings when i figure out what the heck I want.

5. I am pretty sure I have done permanent damage to my face. When I look in the mirror I have pretty much textbook rosacea, down to the strange proto-acne. I am lucky in that my case is currently very mild and localized to the center and outside of my cheeks. However, this is a progressive condition that you can't make better. Controlling the damage is about the best option and the best way to do that is by keeping the skin unflushed and unirritated. For the past four or five years I've also been having weird mini-fever things that turn me pink, elevate my temperature slightly, make me tired and anxious and produce back pain. These happen semi-weekly, daily on occasion. Still not sure why, currently investigating possible food intolerance. So that's fun.


Mar. 20th, 2012 10:09 am
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An unfortunate combination of factors has caused me to have my rating downgraded at one of my writing gigs. This should be filling me with fear and despair, since it's been the primary gig for the past couple months. Currently, however, I am just really irritated at AP style. It, and its abhorrence of the common comma, are responsible for this downgrade, and I am going to have to do terrible things to my writing style in order to get the rating back up. Screw you, AP stylebook. We work on computers now and we don't have to smash every possible bit of punctuation out of our text so the typesetters can make column width.

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So, I keep starting art and never finishing it. This was originally going to be color, but I quite frankly don't know a damned thing about color when it comes down to it, and the whole mess looks better in the original sepia. This came about after reading a lot of urban fantasy books and getting frustrated at the female poses versus the male ones.
Spellcasting. Definitely spellcasting. )

Also! I don't have the sales function working yet, but I do have a new website up at!

Other than that, not much to say. I've had a long and not awful winter, but I haven't been terribly interesting during it. My boyfriend just got an academic job offer. I wish this were a better thing.
Maybe I'll finish another drawing again some day soon.

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