Jun. 29th, 2017

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So today was set on challenge mode, apparently, but a lot got done. Not a lot of paying work, though.

I successfully called the pharmacy about my incredible disappearing meds refills, then took the car down the street to the used tire place. They were very nice and replaced my blown out one and its mate on the other front wheel for about half what I have tended to pay at the dealership. However, when time came to pay, it turned out their credit card machine was down.

So, M went down the street to the nearby ATM with my card, discovered that it was limited in the funds it would give, and had to walk home (a couple blocks) in the sun to get some cash. I now owe her a hundred bucks or so. She also managed to schedule a job interview for 6 am tomorrow, so hopefully that turns out.

Picked up meds at Walgreens, first dodging the plethora of cop cars with their lights on in the parking lot. Went to the grocery store and used one of their motorized carts. About halfway through, it ran out of batteries and I just barely managed to dock it before it stopped entirely. Finished groceries, M promptly developed a significant migraine. Made it home through the gauntlet of excitable children.

My own migraine and accompanying non-consensual nap kicked in around 7 or so. Given that L was already home with one of her own, we have been a very flat household today. But at least I have a working car again?

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