Jun. 26th, 2017

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Oh, Internet, Internet...

(It occurs to me that years of article-writing has me capitalizing that automatically. Yet they tell me that the AP Stylebook and the NYT have abandoned it. Shall I have to re-train myself?)

Anyhow, this has been a Day. Turns out the guy who was in charge of scheduling the plumber, and who called me on Friday (we're about four person-who-calls-a-person deep now) told me wrong. I was up at 7:30 today, my god, my god, and no plumber appeared. He/she/they are due tomorrow instead.

I've got a print order to fill, and set up the big printer accordingly, at which point it informed me that it was dangerously low on ink. I promptly ignored this and it printed two very nice images, which are safely signed and packed away. What the printer did not wish to do, after the way of its kind, was print the very simple shipping label immediately afterward. I will be forced to buy new ink remotely and send M out to pick that up tomorrow.

Since my fight with Etsy and then the printer was futile, I had another round of angrily moving things. It turns out that I can find spots for a surprising amount of stuff if I'm just adequately pissed off at it. I've got access to my desk chair again and I've unpacked the tower; after this I'll just need to actually build/acquire a desk. Preferably one no more than 16 inches deep, which may be a challenge.

I wrote another $40ish worth of article, which hopefully was not in the Incan monkey god's simple but beautiful language, flatted Morpheus while watching B99 with my Wisconsin buddies, and was rewarded with the gift of Korean blackberry wine by M. My mood is oscillating wildly.

Poor L went through a bureaucratic mess today to get her car registration up to date and legal in WA, and was promptly pulled over by a cop 20 minutes later. May the little god of stupid coincidences still be with us tomorrow, when our heroes try to get the plumbing fixed, print a goddamned label, call back after a job interview and mail a package.

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